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Occurred through the market transition in the first quarter and all that good stuff but some insight on what you might expect in the months ahead but usually a long story short we haven't really seen any you know big surge you're not seeing the ticket prices diesel prices in the US of well we just share down for six consecutive weeks the final question in the columns as has the impact of I am twenty twenty on diesel prices and T. R. shipping already receded then I guess there's that word that I mentioned Doris feathers the corona virus has steeply reduce the price of crude oil and transport fuels based on expectations for weak demand in the near term we expect markets will rebound promptly once the virus is contained around the globe the net effect of the corona virus to the first half of the year will keep diesel and low salt for a marine fuel prices lower then where prices were to begin the year slowing economic growth ultimately lead to lower low sulfur fuels being comfortably supplied to begin the I have transition we stock prices fall through January now when price support was anticipated because we were going to be talking about a significant demand shift a rebound across international economies will be necessary to strengthen the oil in transport fuel demand for the transition to develop your premiums for Los otros low sulfur diesel later this year and they also in the story mentioned as portion others also mentioned that we saw a mild start to the winter well which meant we had out yeah bloody of supply for home heating oil which allow the diesel inventories to build up so really everything came together to where it I don't know really knows hardly any impact all right now we get back to the acute hearing centers dot com listen lines fill of good morning you do not have that was going on it's going to work for Disney today one.

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