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Okay. It's a message from the past stop vamping begging for help. To his friend Gareth Reynolds who has no idea what the topic's going to be about. Or what's happening right now. I'm gonna I'm gonna special place. Okay. It's Gareth doesn't say Gary come on. And we know now we did this. We did this. We did this. We did this. I don't want it in around. You brought that. Thank you, sir for being respectful on calling me what my family does. It's all a nightmare. Your mom's agreed kisser. No. Eighteen seventy six. Rude. America was one hundred years old, congratulations an actual surviving Representative democracy, which is an outline on the world. Not a lot of that going on at the time weird. Imagine a world where democracy is on thriving. Most people thought it would never work when we when we started. But look at us now. Yeah. Crazy little thing called love. You listen. He's a grants administration was coming to a close. It was one one of the most scandal plagued administrations of all time, hold my beer..

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