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Com. Look out for lead on John Yambol. That's one of the stories we're following on AM seven sixty a local elementary school is reporting elevated levels of lead in some of its water fountains. Parents Juarez elementary school in the Serra Mesa area were notified in a letter this week that four fouls and one faucet tested above the district's mandated lead actual level of five parts per billion. The fountains have been taken out of service. Flu cases in San Diego County are on the rise. Health officials report lab confirmed influenza cases increased by about twenty-five percent last week. However, there are no flu related deaths reported. This report is sponsored by. In and out burger in and out burger, fresh fact in and out makes hamburger patties daily with fresh premium beef that is specially selected because fresh is what it's all about right now, clear skies. Fifty one degrees at Lindbergh field. The goals are on the road against Ontario. John gamble AM seven sixty KFI of the talk at breaking news. This is America in the morning from Westwood One news. I'm John trout. Coming up this half hour. William bar is a step closer to being attorney general. I'm Terry Moore a few weeks ago. The White House said trade representatives were making progress in talks with China. Now got a pretty sizable distance to go. I'm Steve Kastenbaum. New york. Where stock prices fell on the news when fashion meets politics, the topic with jimbohannon, he'll talk with Vicky -til fashion designer author of the absolute woman. Baseball's first African American manager is died. I'm Bill Michaels trade away in the NBA. I remember working new movies. In theaters David Daniel has that and correspondent Jamie Peres has the story of a man helping chemo survivors, we're back after these messages. The.

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