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Feel great. I don't I mean, I don't feel much about it. I really don't know about you. Well, I like you a sort of paralyzed into silence. Yeah. You know what I realized all the guys or signing else all the other guys or signing elsewhere. The guy Andy Dalton, who we all thought was coming. Chicago. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Washington Mitch Travis Key yesterday signed with the Bills. You already had Jacoby Percent. He went to Miami. Tyrod Taylor went to Texas during our Houston There ain't much left man. One good thing I saw was that call youse check said he would love to have him. So maybe they These guys know something about him. We don't know. I don't know. I mean, he seemed first of all, He's pretty damn old, isn't he has been around for us. Somebody think Drew's Schiller sent out a tweet saying, Well, if you're going to draft a rookie quarterback Good to have. Okay, A wise old silver back in there to tell you the way right? I was hoping if they were gonna make if they were going to kind of entertain this idea of like a veteran backup type guy, I was truly hoping they were gonna go for Alex Smith just for so many different reasons. Let him retire is a 40 Niner kind of right that wrong the way he was treated before into the horrible years. And Plus, you know, like he's gonna make his his post football home here in the bay. We could get back in touch with them. You know what I mean? It just felt right on so many levels, And then he could help out Garoppolo through his growing pains. So I was always hoping if they were gonna do something like this. It would have been Alex Smith. That's all. I have not heard him linked at all, either one. But I don't know why it's so quiet, but you know nothing's done. Flaco didn't sign anything. But right now, guys the there's noise is noise and is I don't know, man. I know. You know what? This could be Another one of these late night things. We better check your Twitter when you wake up tomorrow morning, because you know the late night party like twice. Yes. Alright, anyway. Well, that's what your main talking points here. Niners and Flacco giants getting ever closer. And, of course, March madness joining us Oh, and the Warriors tonight. Oh, yeah, the courage to break doubtful. Yeah, that's gonna That could be a big problem Or that might help me on the one hand. I got no curry notary in Memphis. On the other hand, I got attorney. Yeah, it's gonna be tough. I mean, maybe going bracket, buddy. Don't wanna disrespect Raymond Ridder. Good friends, but shut up this phenomenon to be explored, and now we gotta go. But, uh, the NBA during tournament weekend is an absolute Mean list. Z on them, like the MBA during the NBA during the tournament is such an afterthought. You know, it's crazy, too, is even half the players in the embassy like they're more interested. Drainage out here. Tweeting last. Exactly used exactly. Instead of watching game film. He's watching his. Oh, yeah, right. There you go. Fun stuff, man. Happy Friday, Everybody will get the guest list and cops on the other side. It's a good one on Camby are one of 45 and 6 83 sports later. You're listeningto Murph in Mac. Now on 1045 F End. This is K NPR these sports leader. His traffic.

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