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But made them onto and three but when you hit, it so far left on seven and then he ropes that what was it an I nine or eight iron to within fifteen, feet and made that birdie putt I think that's when he. Got the first big fist pump did it feel like that really? Got his round going that day I think well, yes I mean I think, the first couple of holes he played very well we got, kind of lucky on two when it didn't go in the water right but I think I think this the saves. On four and five or huge to keep the round going, because those are the toughest holes on the front nine so I think making, pars on four. Or. Five like I said it's early on but you still don't wanna make bogeys after made a couple of, birdies early could've have the first results pretty two of the first three but he won't wanna fall the two billion even. Part of the. Sixteen which is a tough hole as it is so I. Think the four, and five or Houston capable man I'm going even though Joe you're. Out on the course when when you weren't Tigers caddy you saw kind of how it could be or was with him when he was at the top of his game but when, when you took his bag in two thousand eleven at what. Point from that point on when when you are responsible for him When you I really realized wow this is so different than anybody else. For what, you have to deal with, with everything that goes along with Tiger Woods right one of the reasons you know I, look back, and, say. Man I'm, glad I took a job or got the opportunities because he. His ball just makes it different sound on a range you got it also, normally? All hit a great obviously flush but at a different sound when you stay behind him and watching it balls on the range so that's kind of the reason. I went with tiger always wanted to work for. The guy but, going back a, little bit even further I worked for Fred for twenty one years to cross weren't nearly as big back in the day but it did, have the biggest of all the crowds so I was used all that, kind of stuff but now you obviously have. Different inner where everyone's got a phone people are, moving around, they'll want to take a, video so on and so forth so it can't be bedlam in a good way out there but there is a lot to the job in terms of Prague control and stuff. Like that but again what you guys say earlier ninety percent, of the people in his in his room for the guy in in his Corner so. It's easy because they're not bad but it's just a lot. Of movement lot of running around a lot of cameras going out and stuff like that so. There's a, lot to do with the, crowd control and stuff like that today yeah there's certainly more static around whatever group tiger And you have to, deal, with all that is tiger Woods's caddy Joel Kabas with this now I want to ask you specifically about eighteen Joe because. I think at that point after making a miraculous and seventeen when his balls in the hazard by not making birdie on seventeen I thank you guys had to realize okay we're not gonna win this thing yet when he, made the birdie on eighteen he let loose with an unbelievable fist pump was that? Just because a it was a great birdie to close out of what was a, stellar a week for him at the PGA be was it because. He realized he just shot a sixty four. On a Sunday a major something he had never done before or was. It potentially see this weekend and the final three rounds maybe finally was the mental. Hurdle for him to, say I can do this, again and I can win, a major again I think a little all, of the above I don't think he realizes that is shooting. Sixty four at the time I don't, think he thinks at the time it's. His lowest around in a major I think you know after the shot in. Eighteen you look at me goes all I can do is make the putt that's. The, best we can do is this to say Basically back to your point it's probably, over but he cases not I still make the best guard could possibly make on? This whole and obviously everyone's it and on a good note after making like you, said a relatively average power whole before so I think it was. Just sort of one of those things where. Let's finish the day right in the right way make a three and. That's the best score I can do at this point and I did it and. That's what he's happy, with Joel mccower joining us, on the shell Pennzoil performance, I'm been Tiger Woods caddy since two thousand, eleven joy three little more on the quicker side questions Two or false you once be. Tiger and a game of horse correct trope smoke them, or was it close eight in a row Hey how, and how upset was he didn't talk to. Me for twenty four hours? Wasn't invited for the meal that that is awesome all. Right tiger we. Always know where's red on Sundays do you. Have any superstitions I don't stay away from red and black on Sunday, that's for sure no superstitions and and last but not least have, you. Booked off the, end of September in France as a trip Well that's a great question I, have no plans for that week let me put it that way we love we love the way, for those, I know that's when the Ryder Cup is. Tigers, eleventh in the standings automatically make it we by the way Joe I don't know if you saw Jim fury express conference yesterday. Talking Monday, talking about because everyone is talking about Tigers. You're going to be on? The Cup and on the team and you know Jim. To his credit. Like I'm here to talk about the eight. Guys and well you know he certainly is trending in the right direction He was doing everything. He could to not answer the. Question without answering the question right now and. Again I don't know I don't even more than anybody else knows but you know here I'll play the captain obvious. Role I'd like to think he's going to be picked he's playing better than most guys outside the top eight so I mean come on let's let's be honest it's probably a, no brainer there you go and the, other thing is listened common twenty nineteen are we talking about, fifteen major, for Tiger Woods do you think it's happening I don't, want to use, his, phrase trending in the, right direction but I don't see why not. I'm used playing well he's got a lot. Of confidence right now and I think obviously being in a mix of. These big tournaments proves to him that he can get it done and certainly compete with these. Young guys, that are awful. All playing very well absolutely and was just. Great to see him interacting with the fans in between. The teeth giving high fives I that was assigned. To me that tiger was his loving this as much. Everybody else was, which was, very very very cool. To see seems to be. Enjoying it more. For sure Joe best of luck in, the upcoming. Terms I know the FedEx and then enjoy your? Trip to France as well Thanks guys The Northern Trust will look for. You there maybe we'll take a game a horse. With you you got Joel. Tiger's. Caddy. Awesome great beat them eight times in a row and invited to. The meal I love through gotten the face of the, new game twenty five bucks to leave. The tournament, you know there's no way that. Guy, left well there's one. Two different I think he's at, the. Cops escorted Okay well that's, great My favorite, part, was, he said well listen what would? It take you leave how about? The twenty five bucks I got. For the ticket here it is now by you gave a number two gave a number. The number that's undergo she were off great having Joe on them on a little more the future as we get set with a FedEx and the Ryder Cup going, on for Tiger Woods. It's, going to happen yes Golic and wingo presented by progressive home sheri- getting a quote is easier. Than ever coming up Maryland has accepted moral and legal responsibility for the. Death of Jordan McNair what is head coach DJ Durkin responsible for will ask Paul. Finebaum, bat after this Mike I good morning reminder from. Our friends at Lowe's if, you've got a deck you've got to come to Lowe's, to see nouvelle sparks terrier staying. Like all great stains Nouvelles Marston is, serious all weather protection but, because it fouls parts also colorful and inspirational with to turn your deck into a. More awesome living space there's. More wood than Brown all projects have a starting point.

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