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That's right. One of the things I learned very early on was what a serious journalism journalists you are an and and even at five AM right to come in at that hour of the morning, talked on it, but it is the high honor of my career to be sitting here next to you to talk about your work. Thank you. Mr. Trump's wild ride. Thank you may know as viewers of CBS or listeners to our CBS News Radio, takeout, affiliates. I'm the White House correspondent CBS News Radio, yes, you are. The man who sits behind major Garrett trying intently to stare at the podium and not behind any in your head. Yes. You asked him. Classic eight questions. You do, sir. I appreciate that. Thank you very much. Just trying to follow your lead and if you haven't seen it yet. Go on the Google machine and find lip reading. Sarah Sanders catch a teeny bit of me and a great swath of the immense talent that is known as Stephen Portnoy. Why are you saying this. Just bring the nachos, right, you'll get it folks made you, you won't regret it. Google major Garrett is our host and our guest tonight and what am I doing? I'm signing as we speak because you gotta read you do with the marketing department, tells you to do the takeout podcasting or plug your booth announcer will read this copy if you like a sticker signed by the guest of this week's pro right now on camera, and you'll request along with the self addressed stamped on vote to take address takeout sticker care, CBS news, twenty twenty m street, northwest, that's m. as in many will enter, you will win Washington DC to double-o three, six. And now just watch me, sign them folk. And now Bob Barker it is regrowed we now we continue our conversation with the author of Mr. Trump's wild ride. And before we broke, if you remember, we played a sound bite of the president, late January, twenty seventeen scientists. I travel ban order, and here's what it led to Jamie sought. Number four. There was chaos and confusion airports today as President Trump's immigration crackdown took effect protests erupted as refugees and immigrants from several Muslim-majority countries were detained or blocked from flights major, which learned in researching your book that we did not know about how that came together. Two very important things. One, the president was presented eight options for this travel ban eight different options. He chose the least restrictive of the eight print. Print place before him, they will least restrictive of the eight. So you have come to know that there were seven more restrictive options that Donald floor countries more restrictions. Was this process thoroughly vetted throughout the ministry answer? No, that's pretty clear. And one of the questions the country's been sort of kicking around for the last two weeks in part because of the op Ed anonymously written in the New York Times. And by that other book written by b, w. Is there a process that's a bit chaotic. Look, ladies and gentlemen. The travel ban is a living breathing publicly. Adjudicated example of that. I'd impetuous driving intense president says, go and they go, I quote, Newt Gingrich in the book saying, you know, they did both things hurriedly because of you spend time getting it right, you lose the boldness. That's a general description on exact quote, but it captures the essence. Then there was a redrafting of the executor, which Trump didn't even like and said so publicly. Then there was a memorandum backing it up three stages, all the played out in public view, all subjected to court scrutiny in the end of memorandum that reinforce the first two executive orders withstood not one, but two passes before the United States Supreme court. And what does. Trump do now. Calera declare absolute victory. Why? Because he doesn't count losses. I also quote, former speaker Newt Gingrich why? Because he is a frequent regular adviser and confidante of the president. What is Newt Gingrich say about Donald Trump. He never counts the losses only the wins. He only counts the victories. So is this a Catholic process? Does it sort of jumble and jostle along the rails of governing? Yes, it does. You don't have to ask yourself. I wonder if that's true. Look at the travel ban. The travel ban is from beginning to end which goes into twenty eighteen an absolute illustration of how this process both to some doesn't work and to some does work..

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