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Not have symptoms from high blood pressure cholesterol or diabetes, and therefore it's really helpful to get regular checkups to check your levels. You can also buy a blood pressure cuff, they range from thirty to seventy eighty dollars. And check your blood pressure at home and warning signs. Let's talk about those same for everybody. Can they differ? There. It really depends on what part of the brain is affective affected the easiest way to remember the warning signs is the mnemonic fast. So the s stands per face, a is for arm s is for speech and tears for time. Meaning it's time to call nine one one we have treatments for stroke. But it can they can only be given within a certain timeframe and patients are more likely to be seen immediately. If you go by ambulance because the ambulance can call the hospital and get the whole stroke team ready to see you soon as you right there. You know, he's actually going to ask you about that doctor some cities as I'm sure you're know are sort of in the vanguard of all kinds of new technology and new ways of dealing with stroke when first responders come to the home is LA among those places. Yes. So in in Los Angeles County, and we actually have mandatory diversion of patients with suspected stroke to stoke centers. And we have two levels of str- centers. We have the primary stroke centers that can give medication through an IV to break up the clock. And then we have comprehensive stroke centers where you can actually do procedure to remove the clot and do too extensive efforts over the years to developing a system of care for managing strokes. If you call an ambulance, they will take you to the nearest primary or comprehensive stroke center. That's Dr Amy Towfighi neurologist. It's to USC Keck school of medicine and Los Angeles County departments of. Health services, the KNX in-depth podcast. Well worth your time. It's free. You can listen to us anytime you want over and over and over and over and over and over again sounds.

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