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But if it was medium sized, you'll go woo and if it was really small, you would say Ooh, and so everyone listening knows that what what you're talking about is something that's big. Awesome. Just by the noise you're making with your with your voice. It's quite cool. Yeah. That's ready to cope. Global brand. League populate you still got Pingu Dole's Houthi meals in Japan. Really how is really popular in Japan because they think it sounds like Japanese and people in other countries think Yeah. He's sort of our language which shows how the everyone thinks that he's speaking. To. Them. I didn't know how they made it where you because I thought, they would move the play because claymation Pingo I thought they would move the clay and sort of take a different at every point but that you have to have hundreds and hundreds of pingers. Box pinger doing every conceivable activity in the show and then if you show Pingu walking you take stationary Pingu and you replace him with a Pingu who's lifted up one foot and the new place in with the pig is lifted up even more. So you need eight pingers just to show him. Yeah. Shoot Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. That's one of those things that in hindsight makes sense. But yeah, once you've got all of them and you know you need pink who's being squashed into a ball by an older angry penguin or whatever like there's hundreds and hundreds of them always need to be in the right order I suppose and they can't operate unless they have each other like they'll be one. Pingu. But in order to walk anywhere, I need to find ten other penguins. It's a great I think it's a plot ways to be rich and analogy of saw how society only works. If we all work together in one direction as we're basically all pingree. James, did you just say one direction? Don't Know Lake. Lake, which is the Harry styles of one direction has a tattoo of Pingo and Ed Sheeran has a matching one. This is the most popular this podcast. Was If go hugo there's first because they have a right to be pissed off..

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