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And uh i mean you got livers is coming livers is improve you gotta get a great fresh you got great to freshman pool and pooling livers i mean they give you points right off the pitch they do and uh you know pull it pope paul scott in a little notoriety ah you know these gato place with a little bit of flare but uh you know he he obviously is uh is a shooter and he's very confident shooter but he's she's much more than a shooter he he's athletic uh he can put the ball on the floor he can defend uh and i think he has a pretty good uh understanding of the game and and uh and understanding of how coach beeline you know wants him to fit in this season and uh um you know i'm sure going forward is roles gonna be expanded but uh this year um he he certainly has performed a a nice roll off the bench he has in abby sometimes goat i see that young me he takes that ball to the whole i think he's out of control sometimes but hey he's remain in the ball a go in all the time but he he he takes it to the whole in abby and he's not he has no fear well he doesn't lack confidence i you you can see coach felines uh reaction sometimes he can uh haider's reaction when uh when pool our tries to get a little bit too creative but i i do believe these under rain and i do believe that uh you know he's got an understanding of what the coach fund some to do and over looked you know very often is uh lock them on and he he shouldn't be overlooked because he's uh you know he's a senior ernie playing like a senior um um you know he just does so many things for the walgreens he you know he scores he rebounds he defends he passes um and he's kind of a glue guy uh he he's a.

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