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Not okay every week they would do the the feature that bomb sports basketball baseball and in fact a reddening on my part the only rest of they will do was me because they're the producer guy benhamou berle wrought feld from new york and he couldn't believe ow are the garden would always sell out one night there was a a show on tv like a muggy night where where joe namus digest would play got forget that but it was like monday night football show but it was like a playoff game and and they were blown away because the same night i wrestled in the garden not only did we sell out the garden but we sold out the what used to be called the felt forum downstairs they call it something theater that's right next door to the garden hose about forty five hundred people but the police estimated besides shelling out the garden and shouting at the felt forum they estimated three or four thousand people were turned away so the paper the next day really gave us publicity join the hamilton the jets and the play offs and these wrestlers come in there and this enormous thing but we we had to do things depend on that stuff because that's how you got paid and not that we've made big money but i was considered to be a big moneymaker and i was making a hundred hundred twentyfive although in all honesty that was good money back in those days okay you know we're going back to the sixties right all right so you know it's not like what you guys do today but but for me coming from your uneducated i went to high school i went to language school for six months and twice school show freak out like me without anything to fall back to.

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