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Bound that's being dealt with and cleaned up down there not bad right now on the pike or on the expressway I'm David Gardner and the W. RKO traffic center now WRKO weather channel forecast by tomorrow we've got the rain much of the day windy as well twenty five thirty five mile an hour winds don't be surprised if that takes down some trees and power lines over the course of today and this evening temperatures today around sixty the rain and wind deceiving settles down later tonight tomorrow we're dry sunshine cooler fifty six and Wednesday we've got lots of clouds but only a chance of a shower so not much rain to slow you down temperatures around fifty on Wednesday I'm meteorologist Terry Smith from the weather channel on the voice of Boston A. M. six eighty WRKO WRKO in United Way if teamed up to help the communities of greater Boston to provide financial assistance to those experiencing hardships due to the growing virus outbreak for help dial two one one from your cell phone to be connected to a local United Way agency to make a donation visit W. RQ com slash United Way United way's network well distribute emergency financial assistance from the cold in nineteen family support fund visit WKOW slash United Way for more information and remember we're all in this together an important message from my heart automotive your local auto dealers understand that while your need for a car hasn't changed your financial.

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