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You go back, and you read the Buckley versus Vallejo decision in nineteen seventy six or read citizens United twenty ten and by the way, they're they're very readable decisions both of them and the citizens United in particularly wanna read Justice, John Paul Stevens descent. It's it'll it'll krill your hair or or whatever the expression is set it on fire. Whatever it's it's amazing. And in both cases, what they said was that the simple process of giving money to a politician, or to a political campaign is an expression of support, and as an expression of support, it is a form of speech. So they're not asserting that the speech. Only happens when you buy the. Ad on TV what they're asserting. Is that the simple process of of of giving money is an expression of support and therefore speech while they really covered their butts, your they did it's pretty it's pretty all inclusive. And that's why you know after the Buckley decision, seventy six seventy eight and the First National Bank first blinding decision. They were able to extend that to corporations because corporations are persons, and so therefore, the free speech rights under the constitution. And and then of course, they amplify both of those citizens United, and then that left us with a maximum. I I think it was, you know, something like two hundred politicians that you could own and anyone given year, and in the mccutcheon case, they blew that up, and they did away with all the the minimums or maximums or anything, you know. And now a billionaire known as many politicians as he or she wants, and you know, it just look Betsy DeVos or will Ross or Donald Trump or any of these guys, you know, AC, you know, wholly-owned. Billionaires who wholly-owned politicians have long time. But a great idea love the way, you're thinking, Michael, I it's just you know, I encourage you to go back and read those decisions, I think you'll find it fascinating. Thanks a lot for the call Chris and Saint Augustine Florida, Chris what's up? How's it going? Love your show. Thank you. What's up? I was I wanted to sorry. I wanted to talk to you. I in from Cincinnati originally, and it's about transgender rights political topic. What happened was in two thousand fourteen Leila Alcorn took her life on a highway in Ohio. And I started the project where I attempted the section of highway where she took her life, and since then we've created so much buzz incense Inada, and I say buzz Leila wanted society to be fixed. There's been a lot of conversion therapy and everything she wanted to fix transgender people to be accepted. She was a trans woman. Yes. Seventeen years old when she when she muster life to suicide and about two years ago documentary film came out of somebody emailed me randomly and said I want to make documentary about this and our screening tomorrow in Chicago to on host that at two PM. And I wanted to just put it out there. It's called Leila's highway. It's tomorrow it to at the center on hope that in Chicago. And I know, you know, folks, love you in Chicago. So I figured it would be great mention the center is that a is that a theater or a venue or what? It's the largest LGBT center in the mid west. So it's right voice down in Chicago. Okay. Great. And the movie again is called Leila's highway, and you can see the trailer. Leila highway dot org L E L H, and I would love to see people out of the screening. It's completely free were have mental health resources on hand. It's one of those kind of talkback sessions will have the discussion rate so its Leyla highway dot Oregon and there's two inches in the middle that right? L E L A. Yes. To ages. Yeah. Yeah. Leela? Okay. Chris turned into an avid stormy into more of an advocate as a gay man myself. It's turned me into you know, I didn't know love I've just from Cincinnati. And the reason I opted the highway is I saw signs of on the side of the road to remember her as you often see after a car accident. Sure. And it just kind of over after as and I thought something needs to be state mandated with her name forged in metal that she was the you know, that she accepted. So that's kind of the kind of the poignant thing about that her name fortune metal on the side of the highway. Just is a great thing. So good on you, Chris that little step of activism led to the movie. You just never know. You know, when you toss a of a pebble into the pond where the ripples are going to go. How far they're going to go what they're going to affect and what kind of consequence they're gonna produce. That's extremely expected. It never expect. Film that come about Elizabeth Littlejohn a great director. She's from Canada. And she contacted me and said, I wanna do this. And we're going to we're going to screen it tomorrow in Chicago at UPS tomorrow, two pm at the center in Chicago and halston Chris. Thank you. Yeah. Okay. Great. Thank you Bill in Clifton, New Jersey Bill. What's up? Hey, how you doing? I've never heard much or anybody talk about quantum computing. So I thought I would bring that up. Okay. It's an Morton thing. I don't know how much you know, about it. But it's what happened was our Matt a conventional man it's finished we've gotten to the point where we can calculate a number beyond four hundred digits and the only way to conquer that is through quantum of mathematics, and instead of on that which is based on adding Addy positive negative numbers is based on square root. So it's actually like three-dimensional tests and the kids we can't make it more than it. Adam we're working within the quantum space where a lot of special things happen like super position of having a a logistical ones. Zeros you have zero every tweet zero and one and all the possible. Right, and it can defeat defeat any kind of of blockchain or any kind of retire fee. When the other things about the quantum state is whatever quantum system is observed or measured it changes. Right. So so breaking in or or trying to look at any your data. We big fingerprints. Right. So so Bill has has has a successful and functioning quantum computer yet been built. Oh, many already up to the unit of measurement is pull the cube. It I know it biblical. But the the number cubits that the computer now, it's their special. They'd be supercooled. If I wanted to see if you just number of little tiny copper rings and the energy is in the middle of those tiny rings. And that's where the calculations are done. But it the scary part about it is it will tell you everything if you can build a bomb out of piece of cardboard, you tell you if you want to do certain kinds of communications, another part of quantum mechanics is that there's quantum entanglement. You can do communications without radio ways right in instantaneously faster than the speed of light. Ten thousand times this beautiful white which is. Say it could be used for really bad things and really good things used to if you wanted to cure any disease take a hundred eighteen elements every combination. Well, acuity compound from it, and the, you know, the answers.

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