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Sometimes you do become big alive. However, I guess optimistically, you've got to look at the team four hours North. You got to look at the Cleveland Browns to say Okay, remember, they were the definition of dismal. There was a definition of for the definition of bad in horrific and what happened over the course of time Right now, here going into this particular football season, they are slated to win the F C North. Now, obviously, that was because of some great draft. That was because of some great free agent pickups. But let's just face it when I'm from Cleveland, and I'll tell you, Jimmy, half of them the ownership there. Him and his wife. They were getting the hands handed to them. They were getting beat the hell up. Because of their lack of success early on in his ownership, So yeah, there's always going to be hope. And I think when you look at the challenge On 15 that will give you hope. Now, let's take hope, and we have to put something else in this bowl. He gotta put history in that boat. We put history and we mix it up we go. Oh, my God. Now you become bingo, Live And now all the things that Mike said so excellently. Now they all start pertaining to a point where? Yeah, you got a point there and especially if they lose their first game. It will. It will just get that ugly. And then Danny and Andy Dalton's waiting in Chicago for Game two. The second paragraph, the story says. I'm ticked off already sell the team Every year. I get more outraged as we lose while Mike Brown sits on his fat cachet and won't pay for a winner. Worse now the Browns are winning. I hate Browns fans and Steeler fans. I'm angry. We didn't get more blocking for Joe Burrow or help on defense. I get emotional during games. When we lose a ticket personal we stink. I will boost so Out. Mike Brown's family can hear me. That's the second paragraph of the preview of the game on Sunday. Is this town to negative? Is Tony Bender to negative? What do you say? No, no, because he's dealing with real fact his facts. Facts credit, give credits for him because he didn't He's stating the obvious. I mean, he's stating that, however, again. If you want to look at because I am I I have been totally fair and criticizing the Bengals when they need to be criticized. That should be criticized. But I am saying this particular year on paper is the first year in a long time that I see. Hope. Now I agree with him when you look at the coaching staff and Jack Taylor, you know again if you're going to measure someone on their job performance, yes, Mike scalpers bleeding from my fingernails Digging in. I'm scratching my head going. Okay. What? What? What is this all about, but the new direction of the Bengals ownership. Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth Blackburn. Katie Blackburn's daughter has done some very progressive thing. So I do see a glimmer of hope. As in, they're doing something outside of the box that Mike Brown would have never done. I totally disagree with Mike, and when he wants to run within his prominent and again We've been to two Super Bowls. Cleveland's been or not, so I think it does. It does help. If you pay guys and you've seen you put the best talent on and the best best coaches fast. But what what mesmerizes and I'm so perplexed that you've got this base of pallet, Willy. Yeah, and you and they're being coached by Zach Taylor. I'm sorry. Exactly. He would be the first to say okay, I haven't gotten the job done and this is the year For me. It's the year of expectations if they don't win, and I'm not talking when, in 56 games, we can't allow that to happen. Well, we can't be going around here, going who? This was a better year. We won one game more than we want last year. Like way we're happy now and for those long suffering Browns fans. It looks good on paper. But the Browns never won a damn thing since the administration of William Henry Harrison that their stink and if somehow would be worse for Bengal them as if the Browns arise and do something special this year and maybe get to the Super Bowl. And then played Tom Tom Brady in the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl. Then it's over, because we always can say Well, Ben goes aren't very good, but at least we're not in Cleveland. For God's sakes. At least you're not a Browns fan. But if something good happens to the Browns We have no argument. At that point, it's over. It's done. The late great town wife will be turning over in his grave if remember his favorite quote. You're not in Cleveland, Cleveland when Cleveland win playoff games They may be yelling, You're driving sentence in at it would be the greatest. Can you imagine Cleveland Browns with Joe Burrow at the helm. Thank God. They have a quarterback that can't function because I think the Browns quarterback is no good. At least Joe Burrow has got the potential of being special, but it's got to be protected. The receiver corps looks good Offensive line is extremely suspicious. No help on the defense. I don't know what's going to happen, but Tim McGee, thanks for sharing your thoughts about bangle them. It's fair to say that Mike Bass of the inquiry is not real positive. Would you agree? I don't think he'll be. I don't think the people that read that article will be going on buying tickets anytime soon. I like what the lovely Elizabeth has done. Uh, with tangled in Malaysia has brought us into the 20th century, which is a good thing. Now we have to make another leap later on, But at least to at least the lovely Elizabeth is getting some things done. Like the Ring of Honor. And one day, Tim McGee, you will be there. Ah, well, we'll see. We'll see. All right, Tim McGee. Good luck in the big match. The pickle ball match is being set up. Rocky and I against you and the segment. Me and the segment. We're ready, baby, but you are red. You have to. You have to agree to hit the ball, Not more than 50% of the time. I'll hit the ball 60% of the time It goes to fig 100% of the time when it comes to me 50% of the time when he goes the fake. Lastly, with the Bengals win on Sunday, I hold you to account Zimmer's in town. He lives in Independence, Kentucky. The bikes are in town. By the way, the vice are a favorite in Cincinnati to win, who wins the game on Sunday and give me the final score. Think the Bengals went 21 that's like 10, but I think it's also awful embarrassing that They are the underdogs. That's it's amazing to me. Well, disappointed. Very disappointed. We'll see what happens. Tim McGee, the great number 85 Thank you again for coming on the Bill Cunningham shin. I'll be listening on Sunday with you and the chick stir. All right, brother. Thank you, Tim McGee, the great number 85, so we'll see what occurs. Let's continue with more news at the bottom. Plus the President Joe Biden is allegedly going to speak about five o'clock today on a six point plan. To solve the delta variant. He's got issues everywhere, many of his own making And, uh, well, it's up to Tony Bender. Whether to carry that live at five o'clock. We'll see what happens. Let's continue with more bill coming in the great American Live at your over the Reds off today back at it tomorrow, they need to get some offense on news radio 700 wlw. Designer purses can cost hundreds. Even thousands of dollars and purse snatchers are always looking for them..

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