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Three Denis Leary was the co writer creator and star of four time Emmy and golden globe nominated TV series rescue me is one man shows no cure for cancer and lock and load broke viewing records on HBO Larry has also written for New York magazine GQ playboy and esquire has appeared in more than thirty films and is an avid supporter of first responders everywhere he also has strong views on the state of comedy and I asked him if he thought political correctness is killing comedy today well I'll tell you what here's the issue it's funny you mention that because I was just talking to somebody about that the other day you know I do to live concerts a year for charity wants to the cam Neely foundation up in Boston and and the other one is for the Michael J. fox foundation for Parkinson's foundation and and both of them you know one is twenty five years old again million that and Mike's of that now is in its eighteenth year both those guys might fox and camp from the beginning said I want the convenience to have you know complete free reign to talk about whatever you want now over the years I've had everybody you can think of on the shows with me and you know it's it's clear like when I come out or Dave Chapelle or Jon Stewart Amy Schumer you know whoever it might be if you already have the notoriety they they'll go with you anywhere so let me put down below okay might they might gasp or a little bit but they know who you are what you're supposed to do sure the problem is the younger comedians try to go out and and push the envelope in clubs it now everybody's got their phone out so if you say something because I'm sure when you're developing new material you push the envelope you gotta go way over the line to find out how far over the line you can actually go without really bumming people out you're right the cell phone is right on this too you're totally right about the cell phone yeah so what happens now is you do it and then it's on Twitter and people are you know calling you out for it and then that young comic can't get a gig because the club owner doesn't want to hire somebody take a chance yes so it's in Hey listen I think half of it is is one of the reasons if people are at each other's throat right now he can't say anything or do anything without somebody going yeah you know but what about you know the people whose feelings are hurt yeah right listen here already comedy is about hurting somebody's feelings it's it's it's so true and that the show will open which is at the White House correspondents dinner listen I wasn't there when I saw the videotape of it she had some unbelievable maturity also push some buttons that that may be considered over the line but you know what the the the ultimate person who speaks truth to power is the comedian the comedian doesn't have a political party yeah that's true that's true that's true if you start shutting down comedy then we're really in trouble yeah I don't I mean yeah well you come from the comedy school kind of a George Carlin and Richard Pryor would would they give a damn about political correctness that's out there right now now the one of the great things about those guys was and I'm not I'm not calling anybody to ask them to speak of my own personal taste I feel like are you gonna do is go out make anti trump jokes and believe me I can there's a ton of them in that book and I if I was on stage tonight I have you know at least five minutes of material about what went on the last couple days right she was a comedian yeah I I get a little tired one so when that cook medians onstage at all they do is make jokes supporting one point of view I just think that's not what Richard Pryor did that's not what George Carlin did its now any of the great political committees and even which undergarments anymore Johnny Carson did I mean he kind of kept in the middle yes much as you could right exactly yeah you should be getting both sides and and John Stewart used to hit both sides so on the daily show so to me when I was one of the things I always loved about Carlin was he had no political persuasion he was just constantly speaking out against all religion yeah looting the one he was what happens right file system yeah eight but generally he was speaking with funny truth to power you know and and you know it's funny you mention that you guys are the those are my true heroes George Carlin and Richard Pryor I did fire was handed down the greatest comedian of all time just because he had all the tools and we could see them in questions but he could also do physical yeah you know you said he was and George Carlin is a close second so to me that's like that Babe Ruth and you know the Lou Gehrig of sure of comedy those those two guys and I don't think you could unite matchless Collin and no it's cool which is why I don't think I could tell you which political party they voted for during their life yeah yeah me neither and when you mention those two guys a lot of people will mention Bill Cosby too and now it's kind of hard because bill because he was such an inspiration to so many and the Cosby show and you know just convicted of some pretty slimy stuff and you know you almost wonder if comedy even remain a piece of his legacy anymore now I don't think it is man Ateca I think that's over you know I wonder that one of the the beauties of of Richard Pryor's wife at yeah who died far too young when you look at what you talk about on stage his greatest material was almost always this is incredible soul baring including twenty seven self on fire yeah yeah so everything that happened to the guy even shooting up his wife's car everything that happened was grist for the mill and it was completely purely honest which is one of the reasons we laughed at it so hard I look at Bill Cosby now you know like who was a great comedian it was the all time great enemies and you just kind of go hand yeah right yeah we live in a big chunk there yeah when you let of one man Jello boycott a couple years ago I remember that yeah well let it die whatever you want to have a card in the ninety yeah after I I took off and and Chris rock and China member I think that certainly Sam Kinison yeah he he made a statement at that time about the three of us and how the language that we use to was yep I remember that yes yeah and I and I was just like really you're going to call out me and and you know Chris and and Sam Kennison now I look at it and I go really right so many F. bombs but you were you know dropping rupees into people's right that's right yeah you know and now that you're sixty really can say and do whatever you want now I mean that's that's the best part of this whole thing I say to my kids all I said to make it all the time I think if they say oh there's this thing is going to restaurants and by the can you wear jeans and T. shirt no you have to wear sparkles not going yeah I have a war I literally have not worn a tie except for this one wedding of my nieces I have not worn a tie in five years I can't see a yeah I'm very said Williams when it comes to the member states will never work that's true I'm not saying I'm I'm as good as those guys understand I like their style it's awesome I suggest I wear jeans tee shirts and that's it and that's my life that's right about what you're lucky I'm wearing that because usually it's just I'm in my bathing suit and flip flops that really yeah okay with some kind of some kind of hockey comedian Denis Leary we'll talk a little history next on seven twenty WGN.

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