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I am now betrayed STAN. Van gundy. I didn't get a good shot of him because he was moving around and stuff, but he was feeling bad Mike because he had publicly declared that he would wear the David Stern shirt if we send it and so he called me FaceTime me. And he may or may not have been wearing the shirt, I could totally tell, but it I took a picture of him without him knowing it because I think I think STAN Van Gundy needs to be publicly shamed for this. I don't even care what he thinks of it either. By the way, like if this Rex our relationship, then so be it. I got no problem with that. Because I always leave the van Gundy's to be people who were truthful, especially their parents like, and Jeff and STAN have been stained by him promising to do this for us and then walking it back because he's afraid of thin-skinned David Stern. So my brother is stained by me going back on my word, the Van Gundy name, all of Gandhi name all van Gundy's sly kids, everybody am I wrong. Yes. Your kids. Everybody. Am I am? I wrong. You want to defend yourself because you sound like a broken trying to defend myself. I did go back on my word. I decided that that was not something that I should do. But I don't think that should affect anyone other than me. It's not how it works on his shows. No. Oh, wow. We just put her on television. I I think that's pretty incriminating. Mike, Mike that looks pretty incriminating to me the shot. I got him. Also gonna put it on Instagram. So you can weigh in Lubbock toward show. All right. Yeah. So the betrayal as are just hanging me out to dry here. That is correct. And you will eat it. Let's talk some basketball with STAN Van Gundy. This is what I want. I want to give you some numbers. Here's two guys because the Boston Celtics were almost finals good last year or quarter away from being finals good last year. They added Kyrie Irving it's been season of no fun at all the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers standing and Gundy last week told us that's as good as starting five. Now, you add Tobias Harris. That's a good starting five as anybody. But the the warriors and yet Boston every damn time. They play Philadelphia they wipe the floor with them. And Furthermore, Joel Embiid was a physical specimen of uncommon size and strength. He gets neutralized all the time by the old man game of Al Horford. Listen to these stats because Boston is ten and two in his last twelve games against Philadelphia. You saw that without kyri and Gordon Hayward. They dismissed Simmons and Embiid and five games in the play on might say, the Celtics have their number so Horford when when Joel Embiid is guarded by Horford. He is twenty-five of seventy when he's guarded by anyone else. He's forty eight for fifty two. Stan what the hell man Al has Joe number. What the hell no question that. And that's really the reason for the for the mismatch between the two teams. Now, I think Brett Brown made the point after the game. And he's absolutely right. It's a whole new team for the Sixers, and they haven't been together at all. So I don't think that they're necessarily overly worried about having to play them in the playoffs..

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