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Of a blow their minds to go out there and fight a fire that big molds exhausting right when, they gain ground on one fire. Another up and you got. The army joining us for it so you know it's got to be serious don't forget about the car fire that's still going on it's a burning. Farther south since it started in July, twenty third it's currently right. Now these. Six largest fire. In state history which is burn more than, one hundred. Sixty four thousand acres in I believe what's the seven people died. Or, nine I know okay, at least seven yeah believe it's up to nine which is, amazing that much fire burning this age It's just, amazing that that's that's the thank God not more people have died, in these, fires is just it's ridiculous when we? Seem to. Go. Through this every. Year, we do and what's so, sad is you've got firefighters lost their own homes These, blazes well there's just, like, everybody else apparently if you. Lose your if you lose. Your house in a fire that happens I don't. Know if I'd want to live in California right now between the fires the the mudslides the taxes the people I mean come. On hey I got family over there not everybody's messed up there Just the. Overall, the in general just in. General. I I couldn't live, there I don't think you pay me enough to live, in that place all right coming up next his flashback brought to you by Brown dodge I'll take, callers number, five eight, and ten at seven, three, seven twelve hundred eighty six. Roofing dot com weather center A warming trend will take place through the rest of the work week partly to mostly cloudy during this morning and also to be afternoon with a high of ninety six the heat index may hit the triple digits. Overnight a partly cloudy sky with the lowest seventy-five plenty of..

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