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League. Jabs the knife fast team in the NHL versus Vancouver. The tenth best team in the NHL. The is wrapping up a short two-game Canadian road trip. Vancouver ramping four-game home stand before they go out on the road back east ending up in Minnesota. That is a six gamer our referees tonight. Our Tim peel and Steve Khazari veteran lineup for them. Ryan Deasy and Corey Nagy are the linesmen ads wearing the road whites going left to right here in the first period. Vancouver. Very sharp looking blue with green. Trim home sweaters going right to left in period. Number one puck is down. And we are underway. Face off one by the ads back Gerardo play it back behind the net and Jacob March Trump joining goaltender four Vancouver will play to the corner Emeco Rantanen miss points. And bank. Game. So far this season. He's hoping that'll be the case tonight is passed back to the point is amiss. Sam Garard he'll put on the brakes behind his own net drying escape danger. But here's a poor Jack of the Vancouver Canucks. He gets up the nearside wall one headed by Mika rant now. Head for Nathan MacKinnon MacKinnon shoot they missed it. Over the top golden opportunity for Nathan MacKinnon, a hide gloves side on March drum and he missed the net through the puck back inside their own zone. Trying to get it out. And it's Alexander Kerr foot to heard some footsteps now he has the puck inside the neutral zone down the nearside half four into the corner. Kirpal it's on the breaks looking for a pass. But it's behind Sheldon. Of course, getting his first career goal last night. Now, here's and prevented cougar and they score. It was a headman pass for Brock Besser. And the man from Burnsville. Minnesota twenty nine goals last year. The adds yet another one it's his third goal of two thousand eighteen just fifty eight seconds into period. Number one. It's one nothing Vancouver. Rubara went for the check and he missed it. And it's just a chip up over the top breakfast or it doesn't get any easier. But max so not a good start for the ads. Curve wins the draw center place behind the Vancouver net marks from his backhand pass four. Joyce gesture for the Vancouver Canucks. Can't get it out. Here's curve to the point where Eric Johnson is China's a mess. Rebound in the slot. Couldn't get to it. Now drives dives and L winger behind the net. Took it inflection goes into the screen and out of play. And we got to stop it. Eighteen forty one to go in the first period. Brock Besser his third goal of the season. Molina's Pederson is fourth assistant. So. Patterson? One hundred and seventy six pounds. We're talking about his small stature does not play.

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