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At 15 and 45 powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white Think red 8 15 now we're going to rob wood fork Hey rob I think I did something wrong on my end but you're free to go any time Hey man I'm right here I appreciate that For you anytime you need me Nationals down a touchdown at home Trailing the Atlanta Braves by a score of 7 to zero in the bottom of the third inning Rookie Jackson tatro making his first major league start and let's just say it's gotten worse as he's gone along He actually struck out the first battery faced but gave up a home run to dansby Swanson the first of what would be three home runs tonight allowed on 9 hits and oh by the way the Nats offense has yet to actually actually they got two on base right now So the Nats trying to put together a rally here in the bottom of the third inning inning in which they entered without any hits at that point But again men on first and second base right now The Orioles leaving the Blue Jays two to one top of the fourth inning two run Homer off the bat of Ryan mountcastle providing the O's that lead The mystics took a ten point lead into halftime at the ESA now coming out of the half They were in front 44 36 as they have Elena delle donne back in the lineup She's got 7 points scored in the first half Rookie Shakira Austin 10.7 rebounds to lead the sticks So far in this game as they try to get paid back for Sunday's loss The highlight of mandatory Washington commander's mini camp is the absence of Terry mclaurin as the star receiver holds out for a new contract thought Jonathan Allen Every situation.

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