Africa, Lgbtq, East discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


Want my favorites touring stand up. Comedians gina story. How are you right now. have you been doing. I feel amazing. I'm blessed of been able to the pandemic at vote in the pandemic because i'm hardcore procrastinate. Deal before the tv show. And i did not and the pandemic candidate universes by but down by book. And i did did good. You know what i feel like. You're blessed but every time we get to explore a little bit of genius sherie. I feel like we get blessed. Because you know for those who don't know you you have here. A british comedian of nigerian descent. Who is also a member of the lgbtq community. And i mean this was you were you were out and proud when people will like chasing off you in the streets and you talk about this in the book and when people were heckling you on stage and you know your co workers in life has not always been easy you know. The book feels like a balance of everything. We we feel your challenges. We feel the obstacles that you face by men it is funny and it is like it's like it's raw you know cack-handed i want to know why you hold that i was like what. What what is this cac handed. Because cack-handed is bush word for left handed so unattended and he knows africa middle east. Your man your which yet. I'm a witch. The left hand is unclean. It's the hand is used widely go poo. That's why cap cap is a novel web for food. So basically you're saying shit handed this ain't happening so that's also so the book ecommerce is the factor tack is also another word for all clarence rights..

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