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The program. All right. You want to know who's on the house? Education and Labor Committee. From the state of Wisconsin. How about that? We have Congressman Glenn Grossman on the House education education. First word. In the name of the committee and Labor Committee. He's on the phone with me right now, before we get to impeachment, Glenn Grossman, I do want to ask you a question. Democrats control the committees in the house. But House Education and Labor Committee. Has anybody brought up the failure? Of Americans, schools, students. Since the covert lockdowns in virtual education became the norm is anyone brought up the fact that at least you know it is it is nationwide that there is substantial failure. But in Wisconsin At least two school district District have a third of students flunking out anybody bring that up in the house. No, Except for that we always use more money, but otherwise no So there's nothing about education that's being talked about in the education and labor Committee. Let me guess lots of stuff about the pro act or a $15 an hour minimum wage. Um, yes, And it's a matter of fact, we talk about the $15 minimum wage. We, of course, talking about racism. Everything today by the way in Washington is an excuse to talk about racism in the least racist country never existed, but Okay, So so $15 an hour minimum wage is about racism. So how is it about racism? Because if you actually do Jack the base wage to $15 an hour, you're going to eliminate a whole bunch of stepping stone jobs, And maybe that will affect disproportionately poor black. Teenagers in America or something. Is that how it's about racism? Well, always something is more black people or more women or whatever. Whatever. So it is the new administration in the new administration. Every topic Is an excuse to talk about the overriding thing in America, which is that we're horrible country because we're so raised and for whatever miraculous reason we disguise it so much. People from all around the world except for Europe are training it in here. But despite that fact, um it's all racism all the time in Washington today. So is here. You're just an idea. I'm just gonna throw this out there. Next time you have a committee hearing in the educational, welfare, or rather education and labor Committee bring up failing kids all over America bring up the disproportionate impact of virtual school on black students in Milwaukee or Madison. Who are actually seeing their appalling numbers that they're appalling proficiency numbers at 9% in math and English dropping precipitously lower The 9% proficiency and and then let's see if anybody on that committee cares to address the racism off the lockdowns, or perhaps also mention that the $15 hour minimum wage will cut the legs off. The first couple of runs of the labor ladder, making it much more difficult for someone who does not get a good education to enter the workforce and make anything of themselves which will disproportionately affect black. Black teenagers, Young blacks in America. Um it's a good thing to bring up. Usually, What is brought up is the underfunding off schools in which a lot of black kids live. Just so your listeners know because a surprising number of people don't Milwaukee was one of the highest spending school districts in the state per capita can. I'm sure Madison is well above average is well, the block is one of the highest s so if you ever hear anybody say What are our number? One problem here is that the Marquis public schools were underfunded. Know they spend a lot more money per kid in Milwaukee than like, Find a lacquer. Sheboygan rash. Gosh, yeah, it's somewhere around 16 or $17,000 for student. It's it's well above. Quality private school tuition payment so that you can get 9% of kids proficient at math or English, Right? Let's talk about impeachment here. I just wanted to bring it up cause you're on the education committee. And I thought, Are they even talking about education? The answer, of course, is no. Um Yeah, I'm looking at every single television station Glenn. It's all about impeachment. That's all we're paying attention to is Impeachment II mean people are actually not paying attention to it? No doubt people are turning off their televisions or they're turning on something else. But all the major networks cable and and television networks are wall to wall on impeachment. And they were wall to wall on impeachment yesterday. And this is all to impeach a guy who can't actually be impeached because he's out of office. Um, I mean, how does this not? How does this not occur to some of your problematic members in the house? That this is actually about trying to talks. If I The the populism that Donald Trump that Donald Trump lead to some pretty spectacular results in America for the last four years, which, of course, also means that they're trying to talk to my Republican voters. Well, they're probably two mortars, Askew said. I think one of the motives is because Donald Trump is still the most well known Republican in the country. They feel it by tearing down Donald Trump they tear on the Republican Party. And secondly, by talking about Donald Trump. They take the presses, I off where it ought to be, and that is the mess that we have at the southern border. What is wrong with the headlines today are on impeachment. We're not talking about the increase of people crossing the border. We're not talking about sanctuary cities. We're not talking about orders not to deport people, which is the things we should be talking about. Instead, they can focus on impeachment well. Joe Biden is calling, causing all sorts of problems with his executive order. Explain to me then people like Liz Cheney and people like Adam Kinzinger and folks who seemed to be joining in with the left trying to keep The entire conversation about what an awful rotten person Donald Trump is for telling people to peacefully walked on Pennsylvania Avenue. Well, uh, Was Cheney Azzawi talk about her? She's what we call a Bush Republican and I boarded for for Bush. I voted for Bush senior, but we know going the last election. That I believe George Sr. I believe implied that he was voting for Hillary Clinton. And Bush Jr implied he was not going for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, which shows they're kind of a different sort of Republican that I think people thought they were at the time they voted for. And I think that is why lose. Cheney is out of that that strain of Republican and you know they, George Bush never really expressed a concern about all the manufacturing jobs going abroad. Hot, never really expressed. Exceptional. Monica concerned about all the, uh, National Guard troops who were shipped abroad. Um, always Donald Trump would express my concern about this. But George Bush was never big on worrying about excessive government spending, and, um As the results. There is kind of a difference between the Bush Republican and I'll call him the Trump slash Reagan Republican and we know that Donald Trump sometimes says things that are in temperate. We sure wish you didn't see him. But there are 22 parts of the Republican Party. And I think more of George Bush wing of the Republican Party is trying to use this is an excuse to kick The type of people who were draw who are drawn to Donald Trump aside. So who's who has the greater base of power? Is that the Bush Republican or to the Trump Republican, the Reagan Republican who is the greater base of power with this this in you know the center party war. Well. I'm afraid they're both gonna lose, but, uh Donald Trump right now is much more popular than George Bush's. He's brought more people into the party. And, obviously, sometimes you know you just Twitter a little bit too much, so there's a lot too much He got kicked off, so that's not a problem, right? Right, right. Right. But, um He, uh He's got a much much bigger base right now. But their phone where is gonna look out? You can't listen to push people either. You gotta remember these are all very close elections and if the Republican Party divides Some of your faces. Stay home. We lose. So somehow we got to kind of pull it together here for the governor's race in the Senate race in the presidential race in four years, But right now, I think many mean there's much much more enthusiasm and many, many, many more people who kind of like the populist Donald Trump message..

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