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Triple guest growl. Here. Always glad to see you here and this, this, ladies and gentlemen, is the Mason in Ireland show on a Friday you may have heard. I did the morning show this morning. I had to pay a bet that I had lost two Travis Rodgers we bet way back during the spring shootout golf tournament. I said, okay, you against me, and here's the bet. The winner gets day off, and the loser has to cover for him, and the loser has to work a double shift, and it was my idea. And then I lost the one Travis I believe had been scheduled to play golf this morning and said he would be drinking by seven thirty hopes up. He should enjoy. He he shot eighty one on that day and shot eighty five and that got bought him a day off and speaking, a golfer, keeping an eye on the PGA Brooks KEPCO is is in the lead. He's ten under par but, but he is finally starting to show signs of being human. He knocked it into a bunker. And now he just digs himself out and gets a par so kept kick continues to lead. I think he's got a three-shot lead three shotty keep an eye on that there is plenty of talk about with the NBA the warriors came from way back last night through now by seventeen Michael Thompson is in the building. We're gonna get Michael in here too. Great has lifted because it's the Friday, Greg is wearing shorts and he lifted his ban on Michael Thompson for the day. So Michael is not only frio. Michael was banned. He's banned from this show. Why Drake men the show?.

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