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And one bomb is tattoo on my arm. Feel the most comfortable socks in the history of feet by going to Baba's dot com slash KOA and get twenty percents off your first order. That's be OM dot com slash KOA. Hey, it's Mandy for roller auction roller auction has over one hundred fifty yearly auctions with internet bidding. It's open to the public and includes items from Colorado cities and counties secured creditors. Fortune five hundred companies and more visit roller auction dot com slash KOA. Hi, RIC Edelman here. Join me this Saturday for the answers to all your questions on investments taxes, planning for retirement mortgages, getting your kids into college and more. It's the Rick Edelman show every Saturday morning at nine on KOA NewsRadio. Hi, it's Mandy. Join my friends. Gary and Brad for champions of the people the bell and Pollock injury show right here on KOA, Saturday mornings ten AM to eleven it focuses on teaching Colorado's their rights and how to deal with the insurance companies if you're injured in an accident. Renters warehouse has big news. They've acquired one of America's leading online real estate investment marketplaces and are the nation's leading real estate investment services company. This means renters warehouse now your one stop shop to research by lease manage and sell single. Rental properties. Whether you're looking at twenty properties or just one you can easily do it all from the comfort of your own home. Heck, you can even do it from your phone and your properties can be anywhere in the country. It all starts by visiting. Renters warehouse dot com today. Let's talk for a second about that ringing in your ears the buzzing sound it never goes away. You dive in the water, and there it is. It's time for you to admit you've got tonight us and tonight is no joke. My friends, it can be very socially isolating incredibly annoying. It can even lead to depression tonight is also can be helped now my husband had tonight is for sixteen years. He saw so many doctors who said sorry, there's not really anything we can do then he met Dr Patty, Dr Lisa Colorado tonight us and hearing center, and they fit it in with a hearing aid that not only silenced. His tonight is but allows them to hear again out of that ear. It's amazing..

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