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Not it was I think it was on maybe twelve or Apollo thirteen that was so calm his nerves were such so he'll but he actually fell asleep on the launch pad can you imagine that imagine being strapped to a bomb and you're going to take off and you're going to the moon and you fall asleep your that calm I don't think the the boys of Apollo eleven slept well in fact we know that Michael Collins didn't he said he had nightmares the whole time Megyn fearing it you know any point in the mission something could go wrong you spend the rest of the your short life in the cold void of space I think that would keep the best of us from sleeping but in our everyday life there's lots of things to keep us from sleeping keep us millions of Americans have trouble sleeping at night I'm one of them one of the things that keeps you awake is the surface on which you rest your head I just met Mike Lindell the inventor of my pillow who actually got me fitted for a bill I didn't know that you could do this I hate I yeah I get up and roll over every night and I have to just keep flapping my pillow I hate it when they're hot and I hate it when they're just flat I didn't know that my pillow came in two different sizes and when I first tried my pillow it was the wrong kind for me was very very flat because some people like them flat there's another version of my pillow and I didn't like it the first night and Mike a key came in to tell us what you think and I was like nah it's you know and he said you hate it I said yeah I do he said you have the wrong one and I kind of internally kind of rolled my eyes like a hot Jr I tried the the.

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