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Phone video shows a black car with tinted windows drive through a crowd of protestors in Times Square Thursday evening. They chase after the car in the rain, but the driver speeds off a black car came came through the crowd. And hit the person in front of me and then me, and then I believe a person behind me way all had bikes, so they just came charging through. It was pretty terrifying, terrifying, but luckily, no serious injuries reported there were also hearing from the family of Daniel Prude. Prudie's Thie Naked man caught on video being subdued by police on a Rochester, New York street in March, his death, setting off another round of protests, We get more Maybe see Zoran Shaw proves daughter speaking out, saying she wants justice that want these officers Charlie were murdered the mayor announcing the suspension of those seven officers and taking responsibility for the failures, she says lead up to the 41 Year old's death in early March. He lost his life because of the failure. Of a lot of different systems, but saying she was misled by Rochester's police chief, who she says blame proves death on an overdose. Seven Rochester police officers have now been suspended. Well, another honor to a Confederate general fades away. Officials in Lexington, Virginia, have voted to rename the cemetery where General Stonewall Jackson is buried. What had been Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery is now being called Oak Grove Cemetery. Ah, professor of African American history at George Washington University who built her career on her black identity, has publicly admitted she's white. An article on medium spells out a life of lies led by the author Jessica Crewes. She says she lived within a blackness. She had no right to claim. Shedding her realize identity is a white Jewish girl from Kansas City. She admits to unaddressed mental health issues, but says they don't justify or excuse for behaviour, calling herself a cultural each. Krug is the name of an associate professor of history at George Washington University, told The New York Times. It has not confirmed the authenticity of the post but is examining the situation. Wendy Gillette, CBS News People hitting the road for the long holiday weekend are getting a break at the pump for the Labor Day weekend. Gas prices are the lowest they've been for this time of year since 2000 for.

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