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Fucking boy like this movie topless men like other top soft are they wearing any she was running around screaming women's lives matter and the cops grabbed her pinned her down in a bush that's where it happened appropriately here she is by the way running around with the women's names written on her body yelling and an odd protest i think for for sexual assault but there's the good news bill cosby's blind now you can't say anything so he missed out which is awesome the the ps two the story is the woman she's from new jersey that woman really yeah i read on the before i came over here and she wasn't extra once on the concert show no way not weird i wonder if there's maybe she has her own issue griped nothing happens yes yeah so the second trial what do you think happens it's the same breakdown in terms of the jury the same number of men women white and black so i think we'll give them another chance to see what they can do go more legal news lou diamond phillips number la bamba remember him you done a lot of things but yes la bamba most recently think he was on longmire that show that westbound show that i like he's in trouble he got he pled guilty to charges of drinking and driving in texas which by the way how fucking drunk do you have to be to get charged with drinking and driving all places when you pass your license they crack a beer with you at the.

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