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I mean, most people including myself with saying that the Indianapolis Colts over front was one of the best units in the National Football League. Those guys were playing outstanding coming into the game. But you gotta give credit to Chris Jones. Justin, Houston, d four those Boers 'cause they were getting after the Indianapolis Colts offers line they weren't able to run the ball. And they were getting pressure on Andrew luck. Just completely throwing all that that officer scheme that the that the Indianapolis Colts not want so credited a defense man defense got after how much credit do you give? Inclement weather, particularly when it detrimentally affected a dome team like the Indianapolis Colts how much credence do you? Give to that argument. I don't give I don't get much creep because the ended up was called coats. They're built for all weather. They they're officer line. They're all there. They can go play anywhere anytime the way that they're built right now. And so that's why I give the Kansas City Chiefs on the credit in the world, especially defensively because come into the game. You know is I don't know Stephen aid that one of the things that we talked about was that she's defense. I mean, we there this has been historically bad. And that was one of the question was coming into the game was would they be able to hold up against Indianapolis Colts opens a line and to see them go out there and perform the way they performed gotta give them all the pets in the world. They Woody right here with Steven ESPN radio. ESPN news NFL analysts in the house with yours truly now that that's all being said, we've got the Kansas City Chiefs going up against the New England Patriots handicap that game from me. What will you be looking for? Wow. What listen being that? I'm a form of you know, I play with the New England page before I know how they operate. They try to make you play. And they're going to look to try to take away something, you know, something that the Kansas City Chiefs that they do well, whether it be taking players away like tyreek hill Travis Kelsey or take certain scheme where the kids choose like to do on the flip side, you know, be interested in seeing New England Patriots day just morph into a lot of different things. But we've seen them lately they like to pound you run and run the football like rounding pal. I wanna see how the cancer that. She's hold up against that that Russian attack that during the H gonna bring the Iran stadium with that being said, I think that patch a home the difference gonna be patching holes. Patrick Mahomes is just different is special. I don't know if we've seen a ten like him in quarterback. In a long long time. He is that good of a player and with all the players or the Kansas City. Chiefs have on offense. You can't take all of them away. They have tyreek hill they have Travis Kelsey SME walking's, they had Damian Williams can't take everyone of them away. And you know, that pet Mahomes gonna find somebody. They mean what he right here? Let's get to the NFC before I let you get on outta here. New Orleans versus the Rams the Rams don't have Kupa Cup. But Todd Gurley is healthy. C J Anderson is dead Jared Goff and those boys have to return to the Superdome in there wasn't a dominant sue citing who played lights out Saturday night in the playoffs because the Dallas Cowboys where you at with all of this. Yeah. I think I think this. This is going to be a different..

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