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I from London titans and chargers then Brady and bats coming off that big one over the Jeeves collide with the bears Soldier Field. Followed by a bag NFC showdown between the Cowboys and Redskins. Have FedEx way up of the NFL today and nine AM eastern, six Pacific and start your full day of football on CBS. Brandy is back legend, Jim Brandstatter when it comes to football in the state of Michigan. He's god. Here we go with the warranties and Spartans again, it doesn't get any better than this. I gotta ask you, Jim. First of all has always a great pleasure to have you on. I mean, huge vantage. You know, I wanna say I believed in Jim Harbaugh. Another thing, you know, since the job I've been selling that. This guy is the best guy for the job. He's doing that. It's gonna happen. It's all going to come together. And they finally kick someone's ass that people thought we're going to beat them in Wisconsin. I mean, they really gave him the business. And I thought it was a big step for Harbaugh's wolverines. And now they have their next challenge. These three games with the break and then going to beaver stadium in two weeks. These are the three key games. I think in his career there a turning point. I think for in a positive direction for that was a big win. Yeah. It was a big win in first of all it's great to be with you against Gotti. Appreciate you calling and the big thing for her by. And it's just a matter of time. It was finding that guy could run his offense and shape. Patterson has been the difference. I'm gonna against Wisconsin he reeled off an eighty one yard run through the ball. Well, and he's running the offense. The Jim expected to run, you know, he had Jake rude. I guess I really didn't have a quarterback he needed the next two but this year shape, Patterson's doing a great job. The offense of line has gotten better. And this would thing is ready to jump make that jump. I think and delete status, but you only make it if you win, and that means you gotta beat Michigan state on the road, be Penn State at home. I gotta tell you. I have said on this show all season that if they can win these three games if somehow they can find a way, and I think the key is that this game they're better than Michigan state this year. They are a better football team. They are better defensively. Now, I'll give you this Michigan state at a huge win. So I think they got back on their feet last week. So they're ready for this game by no means am I disrespecting Michigan say, but I think Michigan is a better team. And then to have two weeks off to prepare for that Franklin team in the big house that if they win those three games they will finally play Ohio State in a game. That matters for me for the first time in twenty years that will really mean something it'll it'll have stakes like the highest they've been frankly, if you ask me since Boeing Woody. Yeah. I think so the only other one I can think it was big. Scotty was what two thousand six when they were both on beaten. It went down to Columbus. They were wanting to and, but if the Michigan, but again, the whole story, you know, it you've done all your life. You gotta get to that point. You can't stumble along the way. And that's what Michigan has to do this week. Go into east Lansing. I agree with you. I think they're probably the better team. But in a rivalry game. You got win. It you've got to make it happen. You can't talk about it. You can't look to the papers. You gotta do it on the field and come out with more points than the other guy. And that's what they have to do this week. And then do Penn State then that sets up a stretch run to get to Columbus and meet the buckeyes out the works. You do you think that Michigan in your view brandy that they should be favored by a touchdown on the road and Spartan stadium a place where they've had their own fair share of misery. I would have said so if you say wouldn't have beaten Penn State, but I think now at Michigan state feeling pretty good about themselves. And you know, the odds on these things are basically all about the guys in Vegas. They want an equal amount of money. I both teams. So what I what is that number? I don't think it's a full seven points. I'd maybe go five or four something like that. And I think you get I think you get money on both sides right there. But any slanting after Michigan state Penn State? I think it's a little tighter than it would have been had stayed gotten beat pen think that. Michigan state beating Penn State is any indication to you that there is that probability that you know, Michigan can do it too because they went to beaver stadium. And did it you got him in the big house? That's gotta mean something to me that they went there and beat them. You got him coming to you got it for you gotta take advantage of that. You gotta take advantage. You got to do that. And that's the thing. I think it's important that you when you have an opportunity you've gotta take advantage of it. Michigan's got the opportunity that the whole seekers sets up after the opening loss to Notre Dame nine conference. Nobody can nobody will talk a little lick about that if Michigan gets the highest their game, unbeaten then all of a sudden, they're probably top five to top five teams playing each other at that point. And the winner goes to the big country chip, and and clearly the winner of that. That'd be good championship games goes into the final play offs. So everything's in front of you. But you've got to play them one at a time. I hate to be go. Loyd on you here you've got to take care of that first step before you get to the second step in that first step is east Lansing. Michigan state win that game. Take your bye week. And then get Penn State the following how brutal was that ending of that game that everybody in Ann Arbor hates talk about the the the meltdown d you how like what was it? Like when you are actually sitting there calling that game. So I get punched in the stomach. The game was one you were ready to party. You're ready to crack that beer. And then all of a sudden somebody came over and took the beer away. Said no you can't have any of this anymore. Just sick to your stomach a Michigan fan. And conversely, if you're. You just got like, you know, something came down from heaven and pardon view from the grim reaper. Because that's what that's how big that bobbled. Punt was in Michigan state wins it in the final ten seconds in Ann Arbor, and all that expectation and the hope for Michigan went away and all the joy and unbelievable. Look how good fortunate how fortunate we are went to Michigan state. It was just awful. It's as bad as I felt after loss that I can remember the last two decades. So this kid people's Johns, I like watching him what they've done with him. You know what I mean? Absolutely. He's the real deal. Know. You get more opportunity because Tariq black who was going to be a big time receiver. He got hurt early. And he hasn't played so people's Jones in this kid Nico Collins, they've gotten more in the NBA you'd say they've gotten more minutes, but what they've done with those minutes is what's important people's Jones has scored on a punt return. He scored to the past. He can run into around. This guy is the real deal. Here's a triple threat. If you will is already turned. He's only sophomore he's returned two kicks two punts for touchdowns in his career. So he is a he has a lightning rod, and and you've got to get him the football and this series kind of coming into his own, you know, as a freshman you kinda out there playing around. Now, you get it. But he's beginning to really get it. So the defense is what I love about this football team. It's the best in a country and its come into its own in the last like, you know, three or four weeks where they've really started. I thought it it. It really changed for me at Ryan field where they were down big. And they somehow you know, one that football game. And I think they did it with defense. And I thought they did it with their front and their linebackers. It was insane. And now, they're laying dominant. Michigan defense. They gotta be licking their chops that coaching staff seeing that they've got that much talent on that side of the ball. Well, they are. And I think you're right. I think northwestern game was kind of a watershed game 'cause they're down seventeen nothing. That'd be shut north western out for the final three quarters and then to come back against Wisconsin. And maybe Heisman Trophy winning running back to number one Russia in the country at basically, hold them to truly just seven points. And Jonathan Taylor did not hurt you. He got a hundred. But he didn't hurt you could do that to a team that offensive. Nobody's been able to do that too in probably two years that defense is playing with great confidence. And and Scotty, I gotta tell you. I've been. Watching Michigan longtime. I'm not sure I've ever seen a more athletic defense than this one. They can run Devon Bush is an absolute animal inside sideline to sideline. He can play shakes gets after the quarterback. He's he's a tackle for loss machine. They just Don Brown. Does the defense coordinator he puts people in positions where if your quarterback, and you step up to the line of scrimmage, and you're looking for a pre snap read. You're looking at that defense. You're going. What are they doing? And the next thing, you know, you've got two guys free Russia, and you're on your. But that's what that defense can do. What is? Lastly Ellen ask you Randy the the Harbaugh where is he mentally in an Arbor. Like, he's got all this abuse. Hot seed fire, and he can't beat Michigan state and can't be Penn State. It can't beat Ohio State sucks in big games. It can't be the top fifteen team and get him outta here. Everybody's abusive. Does he love the job is he excited going to work every day is he happy. Yes. Yes. And yes. He loves the job. He's happy. He's kind of been flying a little bit under the radar. He's not been you know, the Jim Harbaugh the kind of idiosyncratic Jim Harbaugh the guy that kinda you raise your eyebrows that he's he's been real kind of quiet. He's been kind of toeing the line. He has led his team do the talking, and he said something I think the big ten meetings in July that was important to you gotta ask directly by someone. What about your record against your rivals? And and top twenty ranked teams you can't win those games. And Jim turned and looked at the guy without getting mad or without getting a little bit testy said that drives us let it go with that. And I think that spoke volumes that he has made that message to the team. And I think the whole team is taking on that attitude. Jim's been really good this year, very intense, very focused and really just kind of playing that game with a chip on their shoulder going. There with something to prove. And I really liked that. And how he's handled this group this year. I want to see him when these games, and I want to see him actually beat Ohio State. And then I want to see him in the playoffs. And then I think he'll be vindicated because I really think he's a super town brilliant guy and a really creative coach. And I think he. You get those big jobs, and you get the big abuse to go, right? Whether you lose a game, you're finished you sock your horrible. But I think he's handled it really well. And I just I'm hoping that he gets some glory in his life and gets to celebrate something one of these days. I'd love to see him wear national championship. Yeah. I think it'd be I think it'd be great. I agree with you. I think he's an outstanding coach, but you know, you know, as well as I been this business, but you got to win games. And you gotta beat those teams that, you know, the Michigan Ohio states in order to get everybody's attention. Like, I told people before the season, you know, Michigan can do a lot all year, but it's really a five they'll be judged on how they play against Notre Dame. Michigan state, Wisconsin Penn State and high state. Don't win other games. But they won't get credit. They'll only get credit if they win those games. And I think that Michigan's in that position because they're so good. That's a good thing. But it's comes down. You got to win those games to shut up the critics. Yeah. I wish they would. I I know it's too late. But I wish they'd played Notre Dame instead of in the opener which they play him now because I think they're both better. Now in books made Notre Dame better. I think Michigan's found themselves, and I think that game would have been better. Now, it's too bad that it was it was too early gem grades and a neutral field too. I think it'd be hell of a game. Yeah. Me too. I wish we could make that happen. Maybe you could make some phone calls anyway jammed great stuff. Enjoy the game. And he's Lansing. Always a pleasure. Having you on a bench? I hope it's a classic. Thank you, very, much pleasure. Talking with you are there is brandy the one and only Jim Brandstatter the voice of the Michigan wolverines eight five five two one two four to do. So. Seven is the number. I gotta tell you are you watching this basketball game at all. I am would LeBron and. They're not looking bad. They're not looking to shabby. I'm pretty impressed. They're up by one that could be up by more. But the Brian's doing his thing, and they don't look like pushovers. They moved the ball fast. They're pressing they're pushing they're trying to score..

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