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Time down into Plymouth and that lower end of one twenty eight's good between say wal famine Cantin miking WBZ's traffic on the threes at four twenty four we get the four day WBZ accu weather forecast from meteorologist Danielle middle will have some clouds around the area for tonight low thirty three tomorrow sunshine will be mixed with some clouds breezy and milder with a high tomorrow right around fifty degrees tomorrow night partly cloudy lo thirty seven more clouds than sun for Tuesday but still mild for early February the high Tuesday forty seven and for Wednesday will see plenty of clouds and what the chance of seeing some rain I Wednesday forty three degrees of accu weather meteorologist Danielle middle the BBC bosses news radio we have overcast skies and we're still at forty two degrees in Boston Washington's birthday sales event last all month one WBZ box office the WBZ box office is now open be caller number twelve at six one seven nine three one ten thirty you'll win a family four pack of tickets to the New England boat show it's February eighth through the sixteenth of the Boston convention and exhibition center for details you can go to New England the boat show dot com at four twenty five it's time for your health watch if you're Hispanic you have over a one in five chance of developing diabetes as is also the case for non Hispanic blacks a new study looking at rates of type two diabetes among different ethnicities found read a cow Yanni a diabetes expert at Johns Hopkins says the study points to some interventions that might help we have well allocated screening tools but we need to make these culturally Taylor need to be able to disseminate them and a cultural contacts that makes sense to people of different races and ethnicities really understand why it's important to be screened why two point to be treated and they can educate other members of the community that would include really targeting campaigns to different ethnic diets for instance and what parts of those diets high carbohydrate hi res high Brad's how Dany impact diabetes resco Yanni notes that one third of people in this study of all ethnicities did not know they had diabetes putting them at risk for cardiovascular problems at Johns Hopkins I'm Elizabeth Tracy Hey it's four twenty six it's not just the same without the patriots of playing today in Super Bowl fifty four seven just go forty nine is going to beat the Kansas City Chiefs at hard rock stadium in Miami with kickoff scheduled for little over two hours from now ABC Jim Ryan is in Miami he says that for both head coaches Super Bowl fifty four will bring a sense of deja vu at sixty one years old Kansas city sandy Reid has felt the thrill of a Superbowl with the eagles in two thousand five nine years before that San Francisco's Kyle Shanahan was on the Superbowl sidelines house always that annoying kid as a ball boy his father Mike was offense of coordinator for the forty Niners during their Superbowl run in nineteen ninety four players are such nice and good people to me at a young age and be able to bring my son around the watch they treat him it's been cool to get my kids say Janet head is hoping for a repeat of Superbowl twenty nine with the victory for the San Francisco forty Niners Jim Ryan ABC news Miami and it's become an unofficial holiday truck day the red Sox equipment truck departing Fenway Park tomorrow morning for the long trip to fort Myers Florida the truck will be loaded up in the morning it'll make a stop at McCoy stadium in Pawtucket one o'clock and then head straight to Florida with the red Sox will open spring training with pitchers and catchers reporting on February eleventh pop quiz if you sell a home for five hundred thousand dollars how much would a traditional real estate agent charging commission if you guessed twenty five to thirty thousand dollars you're right but if you think that's the only way you're wrong this is why thousands of homeowners are making the switch to racks with rex you get a dedicated agent and a full service experience at a fraction of the cost red excuses game changing technology to cut out the middle man and save homeowners tens of thousands.

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