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The best thing we can do to protect our children is to get vaccinated ourselves We as the adult population should all be getting vaccinated so that we can protect those among us who are not able to children and the immune compromised if we're living in a community where nearly all the adults are vaccinated the infection rate is going to be much lower as a result of children will be less likely to become ill That's the most important thing we can really can and should be doing And then they talked again about in person learning this fall she said when there are a number of ways we can try to protect children from COVID still helping ensure they can return to school One is for older students who are eligible to get their shots If you have someone 12 or older get them vaccinated yesterday And then he said if all the teachers and all the older school students are vaccinated you don't need masks and distancing to present anymore Particularly in communities where the transmission rate is low however she said many communities are not going to risk it It probably prudent for masks And more importantly testing to be present too I mean John is just it's so it's just endlessly if you're eating to me that we have this miracle thing and all we have to do is use it right And you know what the worst thing liberals can do is take this Darwinian approach of this is all explained with natural selection If you're going to be the good guys we can't be rooting for the dumb mean people to just get sick and die off We have to fight for the people who are afraid of us We have to be obamas on this And fight for the racist fight for their kids too I would say having a child who's under 12 and not eligible yet I'm still enjoying the fact that I can get out of any kids party I want to because of everything I was invited to take the child to David buster's arcade today that lovely place but a bit of observing bucket when it comes to saliva hands and plastic things It is pleasure to still have a bit of coronavirus to let me say no to things Since I can't turn down people's podcasts or stand up shows anymore I plan to a packed house in red village last night for the first time But I'm with you I mean children are spreading and we just it's not over yet And we want the let's go looking like first world Americans if we act too much like it is over when I'm afraid we're going to have a disaster in the fall with kids going back to school Adults not enough adults being vaccinated then kids are going to get it and spread it and it's going to be another disaster Joplin Missouri's hospital closed down their COVID ward in March This week they had to reopen it It's exploding in southeast white white white Missouri Again the same people who were preaching herd immunity last year are why we want to achieve herd immunity this year but let's not because he's going to Missouri to see his family Give yourself an hand sanitizer But at least Trump was president we know he'd be calling the delta variant the Hindu virus So we have that type of work He'd be deflecting any way he could Yeah speaking of religious conversions Eric tweets doctors gave Trump a dizzying array of emergency medicines to save his life from antibodies to dexamethasone after his blood oxygen dropped to 93% dipping to 80% at one point They hoped he would get serious about COVID-19 He did not That's in the new book that they thought he would have a religious conversion And of course he didn't Of course he was the same as he went in the hospital And Trump was like you know in every high risk factor for COVID I mean he's old He's obese Oh there's no way he would have survived if he wasn't president and they didn't go to school because he's broke And he's a person of color He was in every major risk group for COVID All right I love you John beagle saying I will talk to you next time not next week week after you'll be here next week with this Thank you Carolina last week Go have a good time Oh yeah All right Love you Goodbye Bye bye guys 50.

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