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By people and the fact that there seems to be such a snobbery around the cleaver vanilla. Yeah because it's kind of like okay. It seems like if you're oh. I don't want vanilla ice cream. It's too basic from your whatever. The vanilla stands come through the woodwork. And they're just like. Oh well maybe you just don't get it see my palate is so sophisticated and i can sense the the notes of vanilla bean better than you may be. There's just such an elitism with vanilla. Vanilla has put in no work. Wow okay. I've been biting my tongue for a long time. I saw. I saw the list of what matt steele was saying for his rants. Two out of three of them including this one our personal attacks against me. It is very common knowledge in our home that i am very pro vanilla and pro. French allah whipped cream. We've argued about this several times. I feel like this is now being used as a platform to attack me. And i don't know that that's fair. Yeah i think it's funny. I had the same reaction. I think it's funny. That you've invented this villain of like stand like our bonilla's stands out there. How often malign vanilla as like a boring flavor. And now i feel like i need to assume the role of manila bill. And because i. I will go hard for me. I feel like i recently came into my love of vanilla because it is often people are like it's just boring. We need something else mixed in. We need something but it sounds like you've become an adult and so i'm excited for matt steel to join the party. I will never join this party. I i am on the opposite end of town at a different party. And that is the chocolate party because chocolate maybe as subtle as someone punching you in the face like obviously like it's the opposite of vanilla at least chocolate puts in the work like vanilla does nothing for you sure. No one needs something to compliment it. In order for me to handle it i i would agree that i am often like. I'm never like oh. I would love scoop of vanilla ice cream right now like i. You know it goes with something else. I'm usually like. I enjoy it as as an accompaniment but i do think it deserves credit on. Its own but i remember being a little agree with you. I remember being a child and they would like.

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