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Seven hundred wwl w. Thank you want elections. They say have consequences has winners losers. And it's sad to see people who frequently joined the show, and I I consider him a guy who's always been made himself available right or wrong to answer questions. And that is of course, Hamlin county Commissioner, Chris Mons. Hamlin county's been blue for awhile and continues to get a darker shade of blue as longtime Commissioner Chris Monza lost his seat to newcomer Stephanie summer road Dumas. So I believe was the mayor forest park kind of an unknown to some degree, but in in raised a very little amount of campaign money, but it was able to defeat longtime incumbent Chris Manzella, he joins me on the show now on seven hundred wwl w Chris how're you doing? I'm doing fine. Scott. Thanks for having me on. Appreciate you coming on the show too as well. Hoping is do muscle all do the same. Because I want to reach out democrat Republican get some answers, and and you know, some accountability and figure out what things are happening because at the end of the day. This is about our tax money. It's not about party politics. It's about being. You know, doing the right thing with our money. Well, absolutely guy. I just want to thank you for for giving us the ability to do that to be transparent as I think, that's what's really lacking body government is transparency accountability. And I think, you know, folks, like you, but you know, what your audience are able to hold us accountable. And I think that's so crucial and so critical to good government. And so I appreciate you doing that over the years. And it was always got come on. Even when we didn't agree. It was always a a good conversation. So thank you. Forgive me that opportunity and thank you for for fighting that service to your listeners, here Hamill county in Cincinnati area. So what the loss itself is this? Obviously Hamlin counties have been blue for a while you had to look at this thing. Do you think this is a matter of time? Are you taking someone's by surprise? You know, we look concern, you know, from Geico right looking at the numbers from twenty fifteen and from the presidential election, you know, Clinton one county. So the blue blue shade was was already there. And it was for us something, that's that's why we were out in going early because we knew it was gonna be a tough race. No matter who it later. Really what's wrong? Honestly, the numbers for training in that direction. And we knew that we had to get out there and mobilizer vote. And you know, unfortunately, we came up short. You know, it's coached a lot of my kids sports teams and always thanks to lose. But you know, at the end of the day at the team puts up more points. They're going to win. And but all we asked us. Is to my kids. I coached and myself is we've been on the field. Right. Leave it on court. Do everything you could possibly do in order to win and do your best. And that's what we did. I mean, we really worked hard for out there going from fish fries in the spring two festivals in the summer to parades to knocking on doors meeting voters getting out everywhere. And I thought we did a great job. We wrote a great ran a great campaign. Unfortunately, the numbers were down, and we were kind of caught in a kind of a storm of a couple of races. You know that came into effect Aftab affect at definitely drove out democratic those here in Hamlin county. That that definitely hurt us. And again, I think at the end of the day the train was going or the pendulum swinging in that direction. In Hamill county, is is definitely becoming more and more blue dark the darker blue than it was two years ago. So it does campaign money matters much anymore. My look at the Trump effect in two thousand sixteen where he was he spent way less than Clinton did and still won the presidency. And in this case, you had like something like four hundred thousand dollars, I believe in in money available to promote the campaign, and she had something like three dollars and eighty four cents. And she still does it does the money matters much anymore. Well, you know, I honestly in Hamilton county. Like, I said, I don't think especially given the dynamics of this year with the female though, that came out with the push for the Democrats to come out with with the Aftab race in the judges racist as well right now. There was a judge is up here in Hamlin county that there was just the numbers came out in their favor. And especially the early we were at the board of elections of the last weekend there where you know, John legend coming in for Aftab, you had bands and concerts going on that whole weekend. There was there's over eight thousand votes than that showed up there. And and it was very very much democratic as you're staying in line meeting daughters. They all had their blue. Blue ballots sample ballots to go in and they built the ticket and they didn't. And that was that was the market. We lost by about eight thousand interest to me. It's it honestly, you're right. The money really didn't play was who got their voters to the polls. And it was probably more the Trump prison to right? You said more more females are active in the racist. But also running as candidates and winning. I got a few times. You know, I'm sorry. I'm just all democrat nothing against you. And to me that was disappointing because you collateral damage. Jimmy, how good people who were running that lost that really should not have lost right? That were good public servants. But they're getting caught up in this, you know, issues with the federal national politics as well, as, you know, just the local elections of congress that definitely played a huge impact in and how the vote came out here in Hamilton county. I mean that was told we live in a red state, but I'm in a blue county, and I probably had a better chance of winning statewide Tuesday. I did even ham account. So looking at the numbers, right? Right. And that's that's what it that's what it is right now. And we were worried about having kept telling folks talking pain. The numbers. We gotta get our numbers out. We can't take for granted. You know, it doesn't it doesn't matter who's running against me. Right. It's just we have to make sure to get our people out to vote and at the end of the day there just wasn't enough of that. And that's where the pendulum swinging and attraction where the county is gonna staple. And who would've thought this when I first started out politics back in two thousand almost twenty years ago who would have thought toddler tune was going to be you know, was the first democratic elected to county commission that in a mere eighteen years later, he'd have three Democrats serving with him on the border commission, which tells me, you know, the county is moving in that direction and the lack of Republican officeholders across the county of talk dramatically. That one county is very blue on the city's been that way for a long time. And the city goes county goes in the county goes to see goes outgoing Hamlin county Commissioner Chris l the loan Republican there, and I think they probably the last Republican. I think in the county. Old. I was the last county Commissioner of an urban county Republican. That's incredible. If you look at the map of the the governor's race, right? And you look at where the blue counties are it's in the urban setting right in in the big cities. And those were the ones that went for cordray over doin, quite honestly, I like to visit in politics. I like balance I like making sure that you know, I think you know, when you get to parties and they're both hold a fair amount of power. I don't like one party marginalized become much like when the Republicans in the outlook in. I thought the process was weakened because everyone has control similarly when Republicans control everything they get their way. Maybe ninety percent of the time. I don't like that either. But I will say in this case now instead of having a long Republican a fiscal conservative on the commission board, which is three three of them you have poor dri house in summer or Duma's, but we don't know about her legislative record. But ran as a democrat one as a democrat. And so now, you got three DS on the Hamlin county commission. What happens now from a fiscal conservative standpoint. You know, honestly, Scott. I think I think that's gonna be a question. It's going to impact a lot of people's pocketbooks and wallets over the next year a couple of years. This was one thing that we talked about on the campaign trail is that there's three democratic commissioners. They can pass a sales tax on emergency and goes into effect immediately on three Oko. So don't be surprised the sales tax that they put on back in June. And I battled we got you know, went out and collected petitions to get on the ballot. And hey, presented it that that will be on sometime in January and order to resolve the budget, still automatically. I believe within the first few weeks taxes, increasing county on the sales tax and then input in and all the other property taxes are becoming up for review that they're not going to say, no not going to push back, and you're gonna see your property taxes going up. And that's to me. It's going to be really hurtful to those folks. Who are limited incomes who are you know, fixed income seniors retirees make up saying on the. Trail that, you know, even though you retire your taxes, don't and that's going to happen here. And it's just a fortunate to see because there's not going to be somebody out there at least bring alternatives bringing up ideas to not have to raise taxes. Chris Barnes L on the show on seven hundred wwl w losing his seat to Stephanie summer. Oh duma's. And so now, the hamlet kind of commission all Democrats at this point saying expecting sales tax increase. What happens with MS MSG? You know, God that's another. Talking about taxes going up. But don't be surprised if you're gonna see your rates going up on your water Bill. Regards amnesty issue, but also the water. And so from a standpoint, you know, I I believe that I can see the continuation of the nineteen sixty eighth Greenwood account the city still runs and operates the system and the county is just a financial. I, you know, which will be totally disappointing because that is not what should happen, and we should be able to put oversight and management in there to control costs in order to keep people's rates low. But given that the city's democratic counties Val full democratic there's going to be a deal. It's gonna take place it's gonna opinion keeping the status quo. But we got right now, which is going to be very disappointing and a huge another financial impact on families and small businesses in Hamilton county regarding amnesty rate. Well, Furthermore, I think the other issue I think in one in a year or two the deal that joint government, the the wacky nece. That makes Cincinnati Cincinnati. Of course, is the fact that we have county government in city county government almost at odds with one another all the time and that deals expected expire thing in the next two years if I'm not mistaken. What do you see because I think that's that's going to be the big thing. No one's talking about is which way do we go and our form of government here. You know, it's it's gonna be interesting to see is there going to be a push for Muny government where they're combining the city and county together we have forty nine your political fictions here in Hamilton county. And I think you'll see a lot of folks upset about that, you know, Coke's up, and you know, the blue ashes and Corine township green township Sanderson townships. Not wanting to be connected with city hall in the chaos that's happening down there..

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