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That's fun if you have daughters Brian, and let's see here. Oh, last thing to internationally. It can be a really wild wacky thing in the world of licensing. So Hasbro's partnering with a Malaysian company to do monopoly themed, hotel, transformers. Oh, no. They don't mention traits where we're supposed. Yeah. What was that thing? They did with transformers that was touring Asia for awhile. It was like an attraction thing. Yeah. And they're also doing with the same Malaysian company, I think a waterpark, featuring GI show, and Nerf themed attraction. Wow. That sounds awesome. That is crazy. They're actually going to do something with the GI Joe property in. Wow. A GI Joe, waterpark sounds offset that. Amazing. That sounds amazing. And I want that. Yes. Ilet reenact the opening to the Joe movie, every time every time you go down the slide, you have to go yet. Oh. Would Turco grant. When you when you go to leave the parks random voice, just yells into going to be okay. Yeah. So I just want one of those, like, the, the high drop rides gets to be named crashing through the sky. 'cause nobody ride that that's true. Okay. So what else we got going on grandpa, X? Frank blue lobster from blue rob stir. We have new photos. He looks less lost. He still looks like garbage. I mean it's, it's, you know, now, he's still actually looks pretty lost actually. So he's the third party Audubon, X. That's basically non transplant non transforming miss Morris shampoo bottle but not the shampoo. Yeah. Actually very limited. It looked very limited in articulation, the arms, definitely have articulation at the elbows. But that's that's like about it. Too. Yeah. Yeah. So wanna to, you know, olders arm and neck or the only thing that I see that actually move on this figure. So I would absolute who else was making one of these extra spots, which is going to be much better. I'll probably get that. I mean, it's y'all probably pick that up. I can justify that extra spots going to do cuisines, and everything I don't care about that. It's gonna be oh, I need, I don't have ever had a Bernie. We love autobahn spike, though, I haven't alpha queue somewhere, so that's good enough. When now this is this coming from me. If something if yes, if the extra spots all of us by does. Good. Maybe we can get a really decent night. Vermont, we have a night bird figure. It's main. Yeah, I'm just saying, you know, characters that were in the show that didn't that were nice section transfers, like all about spike on bought the up who want. Nobody wants bought. I don't want bought by about. Or wrong. But that's the point. But, you know you get Lord. I'm not enough. Not no more family. But I mean you know, if a successful, it'd be nice as a decently posible you know night bird, we have I like my night bird. Yeah. I think it's a good twenty. Forget about that one. I'm sorry. Very serviceable night bird. Okay. Okay. With have a car on its back trio who cares you take? It's a good Vic. Iron factory I f x thirty eight optics hunter, another hound this legend scale. I don't think this one's gonna be one hundred eighty dollars. Okay. Probably forty. Yeah. Fisher static nicely. Yeah, yeah. It's not that he, he looks to be for hound. This is true. It's not an uncommon thing with iron factories. Yeah. So. So I think it's partly in service to make the vehicle mode book appropriately proportioned, though. Yeah. If, if you like to iron factory aesthetic you like this, so there's a matrix workshop in b twelve siege imprest are scream upgrade kit. I'm guessing it's a crown. It's a crown shoulder pads but no Cape. Kate. How, how would you Cape on that toy? You it wouldn't work. Well. Dermot nation. Be done. I dreamt you'd have to probably waiting to do is hang like half capes off of each shoulder, but it would work just just flare them out. First hand like there, the middle part sort of common renovate beasts mantles that sorta audible on his shoulder count at that Chris, I choose not to compare anything to anything from wizard. Why does every star scream needed crown and shoulder pads? Don't is in the movie dyke. I know but we've seen it this on wasn't fine perfect. I understand that, you know, even some of the classics star screams, that they did it with. Yeah, fine. I understand that this is like, but Petra Jay's is there is there a Kate for pretty keen, though? Screw it. Yeah. I mean they're I mean they're doing doing this award for dialysis. Yeah. I think is doing and somebody's do like a like a new head predicting and I was like the apt brain and the cake thing. No, no. We don't need a toy of Cape thing. God. Okay. Calm one. Let's forget that one. Yeah, let's move on. But yes, no. Like we talk about stuff from zone all the time. And I have to realize, yes, we have some very hardcore transfers fans. Listen, but we also have people that are newer, transformer soon. You may not be familiar zone. I'm pretty though Only one episode. one episode one episode like twenty minutes long. I'm certain it's on YouTube. Check it out, and it's been fanned up to. That's more your Dobbs. I you don't even need it subtitle. You can just watch it and experience, let it wash over you. And it's got tripped on and overlord and combines all wearing armor. And it's beautiful if you've never watched it just took for transfer zone on YouTube and certain you'll find it. Okay. Maybe. Okay. So actually, though, if you've probably can also find it at Tf radio dot net slash Amazon. I bet I think. Extra in the Japanese collection that shout did. Right. I think so. I've got no zone on that. Okay. Can't buy it on because people sell it. They used to maybe. Yes, so Chinese version of victory and I did a search for zone. It came up, I can't confirm or deny that it comes zone. But if it was gonna come with one set it would come with victory. So, yeah, Tiffany dot net slash Amazon..

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