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Ten forty five and onto the sportsline tonight. Here's Ted Ramey was the top draft pick for the as in last June's draft and now Heisman Trophy winner. Cuyler Murray could be headed to the NFL. The San Francisco Chronicle is citing several sources that say the two sports star from Oklahoma will declare for the NFL draft. This does not mean he will ultimately turn down the as four point six million dollar deal. But it does increase the likelihood that will end up in the NFL as opposed to major league baseball. The San Francisco Giants have a new name for their home Sunday twenty year deal with tech giant oracle to name their ballpark. Oracle park. The deal is said to be worth in the range of three hundred to three hundred fifty million dollars. And we'll be the fourth name for the water from ballpark since it opened in two thousand with Bruce Arians named as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers one of the first things he has made clear when doing an interview on the rich Eisen show is that the bucks offense will be structured around quarterback. Jameis Winston I feel like I've got a great feel for him his excitement for the game. His his willingness. To work as unbelievable. He's an office at five o'clock in the morning. So yeah, I have no qualms about that. So he's your guy moving forward. Jamie. Winston quarterback. There's no doubt. No doubt. So what thing is going to be built around Aaron's is known for his success with quarterbacks and the comments. He's making about Winston being the centerpiece are front and center in the UAE. Areas was hired by Tampa Bay just days after winning the national championship. The Clemson Tigers are already losing. So their top talent defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence expected to be a first round pick quarterback Trayvon Molin and linebacker trae Lamar have all declared for the NFL draft a loss for Cal Berkeley tonight against ASU eighty two sixty six Matt Bradley with nineteen points in a loss for the bears, Stanford and Arizona engaged in a back and forth battle a Maples pavilion. The Wildcats held on for a seventy five seventy victory behind seventeen points from Brandon Randolph res-, no state rallies to defeat Utah state seventy eight seventy seven sports fifteen and forty five on all news one zero six nine and AM seven forty KCBS.

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