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You know what started yesterday. The U. S open tennis was on last night. I don't know. Did you Brother was he exists beyond excited? It's something so he just like Drew. The curtains are not the phone. And posted the thing on Facebook. Don't disturb me for the next six days. The U. S open here was there is a close match between Osaka and Doi think it is to Japanese player. But Osaka now I only want it last year and It was the little this little she was. She's 53 this. I don't know what her first name was Michelle doing something she's and boy she just how with that ball around, and then I was so glad Eisner's out from the guy's tampering because he has 51 aces and still loses. I can't stand that tennis player. Ali does his ace a series like Can't return while he just I was glad he's out. I don't know why it bugs me because there's nothing to do. And while he's playing, but be bored, I'm going to be. I'm gonna have secondhand dislike for him. I've had is gonna bug me now. But you know what they had on the tennis channel. While this is playing on ESPN one into less eight or one. I don't know which one It's just fun. It's fun to see it, but they had an old match between Jimmy Connors work. No Jimmy Connor and John McEnroe macaroons, and it was a Wimbledon final. And they think it's like 1981 or two or three somewhere, and I don't know later than that. It was early. Oh, yeah, and they're wearing, you know, write short shorts and headband and then in the rackets. I mean, I'm looking so Jimmy Connor has a mentally I feel like it was the Wilson He 1000 when the very first metal brackets came out because we used to have the old wood frames that you'd put in a wooden frame with bolts to keep it from warping in the winter. It just seems so long ago, and they looked so small and so that the shorts weren't the shots. Nice to look at those short shorts and it was it was funder. Y You know, tennis, eh? So I just started in the last year, too. But I just watch this. Last weekend on Fox. They had a two hour documentary on I think it was the 2007 or 2008 Women tin between the doll and Federer when federal was going for six and a dull beatem in those ties and I mean, it was incredible. It was incredible and the way they would go back and show all the different. You know all they went to the history of tennis and I just started getting into tennis did okay and that documentary We watched it. I think it was Friday. Or some. I am now, Jax for this us everything. Just because of that. There's so much good. There's I wonder how the players feel about having in them. You know a quiet well, it was interesting. So they talked to Novak did tour that Djokovic Yeah, joke. Joke, Vic, but it's D. J and I can't get that through a joke of it. Okay, So they talked him after the match. And he said, you know, I lost focus. You just lose focus their board a little bit while they're in there. There's nothing going on. There's no is part of the game for these champions, and they were saying Naomi Osaka. She's really had to work on keeping herself pumped up because she feeds off the fans, and she's always been afraid. Favorite Our little golf player yesterday. Gaffe gaffes. Yeah, whatever Name is the little young one who was so good Naomi Osaka, known at her Coco Coco. She's out, Always okay. But anyway, there's no energy in the stadium. So it was interesting because at the end of it, they pumped in noise from the fans like they used to hit the tennis balls into the fans were signed, You know people's hats and stuff, So they're raising money. They had to hit this, like sign Ege in the upper stands to put money into a 10. Funders something that it was really, they said. It's different, but they're happy to be doing something Not true. They're good playing and the MBA playoffs are going out right now. People are really excited about watching that, you know, so it's just very different. How it looks right. People are happy to have something else. Well, I have a report for the video music Awards on MTV. Oh, I'm sure a lot of people watching no. Well, let's say an air audience of between 2.5 to 3 Million on the main Viacom channels was on every channel. There was It was annoying. It was And it was down five event for last year. You annoyed because it took up too many channels. Yes, Honestly, I feel great. I went to Nick it. Yeah, because, OK, so I watched a little bit of it just because I was working Monday morning, So I wanted to have something to say about it. But then I was, like, all right, This is really weird. You know that the dog All the performances. Yeah, that was weird. Weird, but cool. So I said, All right, I'm gonna go to Nick it night. Catch them wild classics we'll make a night is Viacom and so everything channels. I went to three channels to watch what I wanted to watch. And it was Same thing. Well, hey, channels by commas 12 Channel, of course, wasn't on CBS. Well, no, no, you know, it's not an effort was on 12 channels Invite calm is saying that they had six million are compos six million viewers across the 12 channels. But if you weren't watching it on MTV or VH one, I mean anything else that popped up on. You weren't going there for that. No. Do you know what I'm saying? Yes. Like ur example A Yes, because that's a Viacom. So anyway, Black Panther on ABC had 16. I told you people and so you can tell that there was no buzz off the show, either. Because if you checked iTunes and Rolling stone Did the top 10 remained absolutely unchanged over the weekend. Well, here's though it didn't I don't. Here's the thing with that show that you could just watch the YouTube clips and be fine. Yeah, Yeah, because there was nothing that it was on TV land of his on paramount. It was on Nick it night comedy central. So much people and they don't want it anyway..

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