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Winning the world. Siri's gave sixes tonight that Dodgers with, uh, three games that too serious lead will send rookie Tony Counseling to the mound. The Rays will start of lakes now as they try to force a game seven. All right Monday night Football. The Rams Jared Golf threw two touchdown passes. That's good. The Bears Nick Foles threw two interceptions. That's bad. Result. Rams 24 Ted, Whatever the Bears while she did, the feds have boss Jack Del Rio handled the Monday morning press briefing for head coach Ron Rivera. For the best of reasons. Rivera got to ring the Silver Bell to mark the end of his cancer treatment. This great moment happening as Rivera's team enters that by weekend with some momentum and Jack Del Rio points out. Well, I think we all admire his his toughness, you know, so he was obviously in a big battle personal battle, and you know, we all feel for him. We pray for him a lot. We seek toe kind of carry on. He's laid out a great blueprint force all to follow, and I'll step in and do my part to help him. You know, rest assured that he can take care of himself and that we're going to carry on the business here. You know, while he's taking care of himself, and Rivera has done that, and pretty goal scenes as Rivera was cheered by nurses and doctors showered with confetti as he walked out of the Noble Short Cancer Institute in Northern Virginia video and pictures at w GOP dot com Dave Johnson over you till be sports Coming up Lee Highway.

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