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Giants dodgers wearing their blue. You don't forms. Era sal joe. The big big long blue uniforms on the mind for the dodgers is billy weapon. He throws it strike to the giant batter tad sadly tablets standing in their big muscular guy. He's he's a big guy dodgers and giants tied for first in the western division of the national league the big senior circuit here in san francisco. Tae lots to dodgers are wearing a interesting inferences. Loest dodgers doesn't say los angeles los dodgers's and get a little bit of a a tip the cap to their mexican american hispanic latin hispanic latin latin mexicans letter. Their fans is a foul ball cup and one of the fans and six sided catching foul ball. Isn't it here in san francisco course. We walked out of the hotel. If you went out last night with me. I went out and got myself a quick bite to eat. No i stayed in. San francisco has the chinatown course. We were just in china for the china railway. Those japan was in japan. We were in japan. That's hard to tell a different sometime between two blazes but was japan but it similar do at china and a lot of ways standing in their tad. Taboo against the dodger pitching. Here's the pitch down the pipe. Strikes strikes him out and assigns retired. So at the end of seven innings The dodgers six to hear major league. Baseball here with jerry springer along with sal app lander having a taco means more than just having crispy meat inside of a nice crispy shell tacos are serious business. High sell lap lender when i have a taco. I wanted to be tightly packed. Lots of hot sauce lot's of tasty cheese and vegetables. And there's nothing like my personal taco stan called cells taco stand. It's not really up and running yet but someone put some money behind me and they want me to promote it and i hope that you'll buy Do you bathe. I hope you do. And when you do use soap of brand spanking new invention. Hundreds of years old hundreds of years old invention soap carrying a burger and sell ladder.

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