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In writing in a room like some someone by this room somewhere. I avoid thinking that the day that it will you know, with all right out of the host was like a yellow star. And then become the song. Then go the way that you will hear. Yeah. I'm making like two or speak to them or like articulate that they want. Not connected quite out now before whatever if it's it's a very surreal. But yeah, I think the selling people kind of, you know, something like, oh, my God, you You know. know? Bussard the videos at lush when his team mate also seems to really resonate with people. And I think that's we so get get told about as well. Oh, I can only imagine. I mean, any story of like the love of a close Pat will always hit people in the Hartford, sir. So interesting how it seems to like divided in any pretty much anyone who has like you said Clark's Pat has really so actions, and then people that have pets just like. Yeah. Right. Whatever. Another huge thing about the song is just like how it really, you know, blurs genres. I'm you know, your your band has been, you know, put into this rock or alternative category. And obviously marshmallow is idioms. This is getting like airplay on, you know, k rock in LA rock station or on like mic shows, you know, DJ mic shows. And of course, let pop radio across the world. You does it seem like that's kind of a big part of its it's widespread appeal like how many different music listeners, it's truly reaching. Yeah. I mean, I wasn't expecting to find a home the alternative. And so that was you know, what's the guy's name with people like on those stations. I am always these grateful. So this. That they'd giving. I guess it gets like idioms on these like Popa and just which you know, which come on when we're working on it and not the proper on of that. Yeah. I thought that it's already chugging came in. We just okay. On. Yeah. I guess that's what I was thinking Clinton. Hours. It just just the productions go, look, and it kind of allows the sun's just do this thing. And I feel like it kind of allows, you know. Sure. The the true sense. A combination. Like, it is all bind an as real him and has more money Well, as so well. So. yeah, it's it's been it's been amazing to see a vice everywhere, and and see how how coast, and I guess in his walls is kind of man, although the middle of the night spoke this fucking. You know, switching gears a little bit best deal has a mix tape coming out. And it's the fourth part of your other people's heartache series, and it starts with a cover of cat. Stevens wild world made me wonder on. That's also the name of your band last album is that cover kind of a nod to that previous album. Yeah. Not the so the I guess I'll make types just this. They off the cooperate with the artists and juices. And it's kind of like the spirit of those next is is is not us to do. Happy with Mossman on what kind of stuff, and you'll be debating whether about about something should be should be on to make staple like ours live, but. You know, the first couple of make states that we did before we had to record out. And they were, you know, at the time, I was really inspired by, you know, most is so my friend coach in the house of balloons by the weekend. And I'm I'm kind of playing coach it was an interesting mix is like original songs in relations of different existing could change our souls or whatever and they're just putting up online for free. I did with several every appealed..

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