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Lewis and Logan show. Rick Lewis, Kathy Lee. Piff? The magic dragon was on our morning show. And we had a really good time with him and Cathy fell in love with his dog, Mr. pitfalls. I love it. You love that little pooch. He just sleeps in your lap. So he did a trick that we actually posted. We we did it on Facebook live, but we took the video, and we put it up on our page here on the Lewis and Logan show page here on KOA. So you can watch that if you'd like I know magic tricks on the radio. Yeah. Okay. The guy's phenomenal. Phenomenal trick. So if you want to watch him do that trick you can do that. If you go to our page we wanted to play that section for you. It's Piff the magic dragon from this morning show on the FOX. So we're going to do another trick here or. So it was saying if you're driving be careful, just yeah. Yeah. Gently pullover into the uncongested free wings of Denver everybody. Pull over to the side of the road. Yes pullover. See you could watch the Najib dragon. Do his case I came here about. Three years ago. The last two years I've driven around put three years ago. I was driving everywhere. And every time it would be on the freeway. The lane would end. Goings? That's still a thing here. Again, another and that one ends to ja- Jackson's have their driver's license. You have any do. Yeah. Yeah. All right, Kathy. Reading. Yes, cafe I've got my genuine magic dragon license over here. Okay. Right. Is this for you? Thank you. I'm going to hold this. Okay. I'm going to take your official magic dragon pitcher. And you're gonna hold the dog. I tossed me a phone from exit the home phone. All right. Yes. Gave you the. Oh my God. Here we go. You ready? All right. Lovely a nice picture. Dragon powder. Give me back, my license. I don't give you back your dog though. Right. No. You could hold the dough from moment. His we're going to do a trip, and you're gonna prove that you deserving of that genuine magic dragon license. You did. So. Well, okay. The invisible deck of playing counts. Okay. All right. Yep. I'm gonna deal the cause down instead of Taylor. Anytime you want you're gonna call and stuff. Stop just here. All right now..

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