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They're saying this is what this could be the coldest thanksgiving on record. We spoke with Dr history earlier in the broadcast about the first thanksgiving. And that was I mean talk about some gnarly weather it happened. This was sixteen twenty. So this was during a period called the little ice age. And I know despite what some we'll tell you. It was a global event by all accounts. It wasn't just New England just a very very cold period on planet earth. So these guys arrive in November of sixteen twenty into New England. And then the story Dr. We're going to replay it tomorrow during the day before thanksgiving. But. So the pilgrims again they were escaping. They were escaping tyranny. There was a lot of religious persecution. So it was kind of interesting this work. These were these were Christian people who are being persecuted by their own church. The church of England church of England was pretty good about that. The Catholic church was also pretty good about persecuting their own people. If you went off the rails, and and did not abide by their doctrine, they'd persecute you and that pretty much sucks. But that's what they would do. And so these were Christians that were being persecuted by the church of England because. Wouldn't abide by the church's do's and don'ts because they contended the do's and don'ts. Can't be founded the bible, we go by what the bible says not by what the churches decreed and the same thing for Catholics. There would be Catholics that say, hey, you know, we just realized that what you guys teaching the Catholic church can't be found in the actual bible. So what's the problem here off their head earn about the sake? That's what they would do. So these pilgrims were like that. They were church of England forget about we don't we don't abide by your rules and regs because I can't find your rules and regs in the book. So I went to Holland, but there are even in Holland they were being persecuted. But they thought tell you what let's go to this North America. I think people are going there will we can go there, and we just have all the religious freedom we want so they come to North America the place where they were going to lay and they kind of overstay overshot the runway. They ended up going into this bay. Plymouth bay now Plymouth, Massachusetts. But Dr history told us as it's amazing. They arrived on this piece of land that had been abandoned by the native Americans and it had been abandoned by them. Because the last tried that lived there had gotten Slade by a disease. And so the other Indians were like, you know, what we're not going to that area. That's areas cursed. Everybody died. We don't want to go to land. So the pilgrims arrive. Nobody's on this land is a cool. We'll we'll take it. Nobody's hair and the Indian tribes around them didn't bother them. In fact, they became friendly. And there was an Indian who formerly lived on that piece of property but wasn't around when the plane hit because he was in Europe why because he'd been taken as a slave. Oh, jeez. To europe. So he knew the Europeans. He knew the English language. He knew their religion. He knew everything. So this guy named squad. Oh, okay. Wait a second. I I can deal with these people. I know them, I know these people so s- quantum teaches them the ways of of the land. But my point is they arrived in November sixteen twenty. And it was it was probably every bit as cold as this November is going to be brutally cold in the winter was just hellacious one hundred two people that came on the Mayflower only forty four were left after the winner. They got the flu they got the scurvy. They got this that the other forty four left. So bottom line is because the native Americans were able to teach them how to survive on that harsh land. Now the following year, November sixteen twenty one they finally have a big party. It's like, okay. We'll have a festival we'll have lots of food and we'll mourn the passing of our dear loved ones, but we'll we'll be blessed for the future. So that was kind of it Dr hit we'll replay that tomorrow in the broadcast. And if you want to get the podcast of today's show, he was under the six o'clock hour. Yes. Okay. Yeah. Get the six o'clock hour surveillance right now at ks Afo dot com. Speaking of things going on today. We've got the stock market in a tumble. Dow's down right now four forty four fifty two g fifty two. All the gains for this year. Have now been erased Goldman Sachs is saying go to cash go to cash. I'm not giving you any advice at this point in time other than to say markets tumbling and a lot of people go into cash and some are going to gold, and if you're going to go to goal to desert gold exchange dot com, they've been partners with us here for a long time on the fire. We've got the rain's coming, and what's that mean for the fire in northern California? Well, there's going to be enough rain to put the fire out. That's a good thing. In terms of the search for the deceased is this going to be a good thing or bad thing? They don't know. I mean, it could be a good thing. It could expose bodies that were otherwise covered with ash and debris. But then again it could wash away remains. I mean, that's that's unseemly to think about, but it's just the truth. They really don't know what is this going to do for the people living in these temporary shelters. Well, what are the things we learned about the temporary shelters? This is. I mean, I I've connected the dots. I don't know if anybody else. But I'm reading here from the Butte county sheriff's department quote. It's highly possible that many of the missing are safe. It shelters. Okay. That's good. Now, I'm reading in the chronicle. Actually, this is from a Red Cross spokeswoman Cynthia Shaw. She said evacuees arriving at Red Cross shelters are asked to check. Yes. Or no on whether the Red Cross can share their names with law enforcement. This is just I don't understand this one bit those who check no do so because of domestic violence fears. I don't quite understand that are they like if somebody's looking for them. Okay. Guys house where they are or because they don't want to be bothered by the agency says the Red Cross. So the Red Cross is boiled it down this. Well, some some are fearful of domestic violence and others. Just don't want to be bothered by the agency. Can I just add a couple more some are here illegally? And they don't want anyone to know they're here illegally and to some of these are on. Sex registry. Lists sex offender registry. Lists. Yeah. Can we just say that I'm saying it? Well, it's just chilling part of the rules, Katie should be. You're staying at a shelter. We get your name, and we're able to share that with law enforcement. Otherwise, you're putting everybody at risk, right? Absolutely. And then what happens if something does happen in one of those shelters because of this where where's the, you know, who's liable? Exactly, I'm with you on that four one five eight zero eight fifty six hundred four one five eight zero eight fifty six hundred on case, then we've got the caravan. We'll talk about the caravan a south of the border coming up on case. But right now,.

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