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Need are just a click away at guilty dot com slash BMC solution or 48 traffic and weather on the AIDS back to Dave Tilden in the GTO Be Traffic Center. Our county fire rescue very busy. All of a sudden, three separate crashes reported along I 95 North North bound the ramp to route 32. Motorcycle down north Bound 95. Next exit. 1 75. The crash involving a couple trucks on ly two left lanes getting by on the main line, then The ramp ahead to route 100 East Elkridge that crashes along the right edge of that ramp, South bound, no impact. No delays from Baltimore toward college part 2 70, North bound volume delays, slowdowns and separate stretches between Gaithersburg and Frederick Kettle Worth Avenue South found near the Beltway. Overturned. Van Crash should be largely out of the way. BW Parkway. No incidents blocking between northeast Washington and D W. Marshall, Virginia 3 95 back to normal between Washington and Springfield South bound crash in Shirlington Clear 95 volume delays through Woodbridge and South bound slow at times through Stafford County, Fellmeth. The utility work continues to keep business 17 blocked It points between I 95 US Route one from Internet speed options up to 100 gigs. CLOUD COLLABORATION tools. Cox Business offers flexible scaleable solutions so Northern Virginia can get back to business. Learn more at cox business dot com. Dave Tilden w T o P TRAFFIC not RENDERED Storm Team for Mata, You're on weather alert today. What's new? A lot of meteorological twiddling of the thumbs right now, because it is very warm. It is hot. It is a very,.

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