Npr News, Russia, Pierce De Peralta discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


From NPR news I'm Scott Simon and thank you for joining us on a weekend of several holidays The Russian warship Moscow sunk at the Black Sea this week The Pentagon says Ukrainian missiles hit the vessel but Russia still preparing to renew the salt on the eastern part of Ukraine in pierce de Peralta is in necro in Ukraine's east state or thanks for being with us Hey there Scott and I gather an attack this morning in Kyiv What do we know about what happened So the strike appears to have hit a military hardware factory and the mayor of key vitali Klitschko says that rescue workers are on the scene the capital Kyiv has been relatively quiet since Russian troops pulled out of the northern suburbs but the mayor is warning that this fight is not over He's telling residents to take shelter when they hear air raid sirens and that they should not come back to the city because he believes that the Russians will at some point circle back But look Scott in the past a couple of days fighting continues across the country in poltava not far from here a man was reported killed by a missile strike in harkey where I just came from There's shelling every day and the fighting is intensifying in the Donbass region in the east and here in nipro the air raid sirens haven't stopped all night and all day What appears to be the Russian strategy with the fighting in so many places around the country At this point there doesn't seem to be a lot of movement of the front lines I just came back from harkey when there is shelling day and night but the Ukrainian military isn't moving north and the Russians are sort of just sitting there lobbying shells into the northern part of the city I sat down with the deputy head of the harkey regional state Roman seminar and I asked him what he thought of that Russian strategy Let's listen If they had a goal to take electricity out of the city they would aim for only like electrician stations or something like that.

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