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They were gearing up to make a push for the playoffs. And so i understand it and you look at ross atkins mark shapiro. Would they do in two thousand sixteen very similar moves. Jason greeley joakim Ben wa. I think his name was both of them. Ended up being extremely good for the team. This was another instance of that. You get a reliever for not a ton you don't give up a ton. I mean it easily could turn out to be riley riley adams ends up being very good and that would suck for the blue jays. But you know you you give up a guy you hope that he can help. Bring you closer to the playoffs. Maybe get you into the playoffs. And i'd say with all like basically what i'm saying is i don't blame the trade or i'm not mad at the trade. I don't blame anybody. It was probably going to be made in. Whether it was brad hand or god forbidden or god forbid but maybe was right to pair somebody else like the blue jays they were going to acquire relievers in some some of these traits work. Some of them didn't like look at adam. Cimber joakim soria. They've both been pretty decent for the team. Some trades work in a it. Obviously it sucks. That didn't work for the blue jays and brad hand is no longer with the team but at the time i would have still made the trade. It's it's a calculated risk and it's it's a risk that most of the time does work out for them and unfortunately this time it just it. Didn't they didn't give them the benefits that they wanted. But it's still a move that you make on deadline day good to hear cocoa making a cameo but I just want to come clean with these guys I hope nobody goes back to listen to what happened. Or what is i. i don't know about you. i can't remember. I know i was one of them. Who went back to last winter. When i said i hope the side brad hand when he was one of the hottest relievers on the market. You can't blame me. The guy led the league in saves last year and sixty games but he was phenomenal last year and he had a good year before that as well i just i don't know what happened. I don't know why he decided to pitch the way he did after putting on a jays uniform. I don't know what happened. All we know is that prior to the trade His numbers were still up. It was probably one of the worst years. I think he's ever had even today's washington but it was nowhere close to what the heck he did here and You know realistically. I had a friend. Tell me you didn't just trade brad hand for riley adams you you traded brad hand for what four losses and or three or four losses and as much as that pains me to say. It's not really wrong. You you know you want to go back to that seattle game. There was the washington game. There was a few games where It just i don't know what and We know the numbers he put up. I think it was a seven plus year ray and his tenure and yeah i mean look it definitely hurts giving away a prospect Riley adams for nothing basically at this point But it's a chance you take on a.

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