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The music and i almost maybe liked it. More than the orig-. I just thought it was so fun. So ridiculous. So out there it really embraces. Anything goes like comic book kind of nature of the of the series which was really only the second one at that point but It's basically like a living breathing cartoon and is so all over the place But i absolutely loved it. I love station. I love death. Of course everyone loves death even if you don't like the movie And i love evil. Bill and ted i just. There's so much in that movie. That although i'm sure you know plenty of people don't give it a second chance or maybe did and just still don't like it i. I loved it the second time around. Yeah i also revisited this year because of the new one coming out and i hadn't seen it in a while. Probably not as long as you. I think i'd seen it at some point since it was out in theaters. But i i you know it's an interesting i don't hate it and but and i and i appreciate what you're talking about the way it goes for all the weird But i i love the first one so much. And i feel like the first one is such a pure concept. That bogus journey is just like. They're going for everything in part because it feels like they don't know what to do and how to make another bill and ted movies or they're just like whatever right and station is fucking. I'm sorry yeah. I i could see how someone might think that. But they're wrong. But no i mean overall i really liked face the music and i'm a total bill and ted van. Hell you right on. Well that does it for our two thousand twenty look back episodes. And i'm so glad you were able to join me for this josh. Wanting to tell people about what's going on over an awesome movie here. Yeah well as we've been saying many times in this episode we've been talking about the films of nineteen eighty-four we're getting closer to the end of that season and so we'll have a new awesome movie year to announce fairly soon but yeah. We've been talking about a lot of fun movies. We've had some cool guests on including albert pune the director of road to hell. Which is the sequel sort of the streets of fire and some. I don't know if it's so coming up or not yet. But maybe something cool coming up. That i won't know it will already be out by the time this goes up. Okay well then we also joe esposito on our episode about the karate kid. He's the singer of course if you're the best around. Which is the best song around. So yeah it's been a lot of fun..

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