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That's what he's won consistently up near the top of the league amongst tight ends in terms of yards after the catch per reception. He obviously doesn't have the table at the Target share that a guy like a Travis Kelce has for instance where you could really rack up raw react totals, but just in terms of creating with the ball in his hands, he's really really good in that department. I don't know if he's dead a quicker as kind of agile through his route brakes as a guy like Hernandez was but he is that player that you know you go and you watch her Nana's old tape, they really obviously they had drunk so that that's part of the package he was somebody that they were always constantly moving around. I remember them running him having him run routes as a running back out of the backfield at times, you know, that's the type of thing that you could do with John who is kind of harken back to some of those Aaron Hernandez little wrinkles in the Playbook. I think he definitely fits that archetype. But again, I think a lot of that in the Gronk one, I think a lot of that worked because they had Rob Gronkowski. Yeah, and you don't like Johnny Smith is number two, I think makes more sense for the role that he would play. You don't want your loan tight end in the formation lining up in the back and like I don't know that that makes a ton of sense. And the question is is if you compare ja Tu and let's say they actually believed in Devin asiasi as an inline option because obviously did block pretty well last year, right, but then like your your number one tight end is your second best friend. I feel like you're just getting into this really weird cuz they're they put a lot into the pay structure. Right and all of that and John is going to be your highest paid tight end. He's going to be your best tight end. We're going to have him essential filling a number to roll. I just think that there's there's boundaries there in terms of how they usually operate and I'll say cuz I say it every show I have to say it take a drink cuz I said they're going to be uncharacteristically aggressive. So maybe they break the mold this year, but I just think there's boundaries to how they usually operate to make jonnu Smith a tough sell a little bit outside of their traditional birth. Boxes that need to be ejected. That's right, but they love versatility. They really do versatility. They love guys that they can move around he can certainly do that. Last one here Gerald Everett. This is now back into like the affordable tight end mark. Gerald Everett and five million dollars presents a ton of value because with the Rams their offense is really run through their wide receivers in their backpacks. It's not really a very tight and heavy offense. It didn't have a ton of opportunity playing in that big bass scheme. You give them some more opportunity. He certainly got some receiving skill. You can watch it. You can see it when he does get the chances to gain any can block a little bit. I think that Gerald ever it's a nice guy to kind of look at it what he could become in a year or two in a different system that really, you know, kind of amplifies his skill-set at the tight end versus what I was doing with him where he was really a fourth or fifth option at best. Yeah, I I like eifert kind of like you said because of the upside. I think he's a guy that talked about checking boxes. He checks a ton of the boxes for the Patriots in terms of size in terms of athleticism. He just dodged necessarily have the resume given a ton of opportunities. Some of that was a system. But.

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