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Us here at this little radio station of ours I am and actually the listeners just I had a weird moment yesterday where I was like I felt like I don't even know how to put it into words I was trying to tell someone yesterday what it was that I was going through in my mind And all of these really positive kind things that our listeners say to us has been one of the reasons why I've loved working here so much And it's just such a nice I have this thing called synesthesia and what I saw when I was thinking about it was like a fluffy piece of fabric For those of you who know if you know you know but synesthesia you've talked to us about that before but I think if you wanted to describe WGN radio listeners or the relationship we have with them as a textile or a tactile thing I'd say a fluffy piece of fabric might work Yeah It works for you doesn't it Yeah I don't know I don't know what people think about me and I mean over the past few years I've learned to care a lot less about that You should hear the things people say to our producers off the air Some of you have not been nice at times Yeah I'm gonna be honest That's very true And some of you have been delightful Yeah But it's just like giving me a lot of thinking to do about what my values are As of 29 year old I'm there it is I'm 29 So one note about Joe DiMaggio the reason why I knew that was because there's a song in the beginning of the song the singer says something like who's your favorite baseball player Joe DiMaggio Nicely done I thought you were going to reference Simon a Garfunkel where have you gone Joe DiMaggio Our nation turns its lonely ice to So producer elephant is leaving WGN radio and thanks to those of you who have done her kindnesses and cooperated with her we put our producers through a lot of pressure here at this radio station It may sound like fun of games on the air but I'm telling you getting it on the air is not always an easy task So I always say that our radio shows sound as good as the producers and as bad as the hosts I think we've had a pretty good show here the last few years because we've had a really good producer And Ella has done everything that a producer can do here but she also has other talents that she wants to pursue They don't include producing this show include music You talk about that a lot So you're going out to California You've got some family out there and you're going to try and make your Mark out there huh Yeah well first of all thank you so much for letting me trusting me with your show This is a really big deal to you and has been to me So just thank you Thank you so much You've been sure You have made a huge impact in my life You might not know maybe you do know it but you move my couch into my first book That was a huge impact in your life Griffin and I pushed this sofa up some stairs and put it in your apartment It was grant actually Griffin and you put my air conditioner in No Griffin and I were in there doing something Yeah we put the window unit in for you Yeah But yeah I have family in Los Angeles and I okay one more thing about leaving here Last night I said to my mom I said I feel like I'm betraying the younger me by leaving this post And she said well it's just a chapter that you've completed And now it's time to move on which is true And I've been wanting to do something big with my music for a really long time as well So I'm going to do both I'm going to see what I can do with media and also carry out my music career in California As a singer songwriter performer Exactly I really want to perform more and hopefully this COVID madness doesn't get in the way of that too much I know you've had some shows canceled here You still have one more gig after the first of the year that you hope to finish here before you head out there Are you going to join a band In LA Yeah would you want to be a singer in a band or a member of a group If I have to but I'm so territorial over my project Yes you certainly are You're with your stuff like I am with my life With your show yeah exactly Which has made it not always easy to work with me I might add So it is what it is you know When you have something that's your baby and it's not like it's not a human but when you have something that is that important to you you have to put your all into it and it doesn't matter what other people say as long as you're as long as you're respectful And you are Well I appreciate that And I think you know this is this may sound like a funny thing to say but I'm glad you're leaving I think it's time for you to go Thank you You know why I say that I mean if what else you have to offer is not being satisfied here And we're not a musical venue then it's time for you to pursue that as well So godspeed to you my friend Thank you my friend Okay Well we've got 13 more minutes of radio to do here Thanks to those of you who have also been sending in kind messages and saying we're going to miss aleph By the way I know one of the things that a lot of you are going to miss is when I say Ella I'm not going to miss that though What is the average temperature for this day in Chicago And then she looks at me you know like wide eyed like oh crap Really I whatever the thing is And then I send her down this rabbit hole to get some information And then I said come on get back Get back here Get it back here Get it back here Get it back here And then she's got to get her back here And then the bit doesn't work if you drop the line You got to deliver it perfectly And if you can personalize it that's great but it either works or it doesn't I'd say about 99.74% of the time in Right And if that may be the reason elephant's leaving because there's much fun as that's been for us it was just another like oh I got to do that now too while I'm doing three other things So thanks for doing that Okay one more thing You're welcome And one more thing is that people are texting in saying really nice things and I've been trying to respond to as many as I can And if I don't it's not because I don't love you It's because there's a lot of them and now I'm sounding really bad but lotte dobb but she doesn't have time for all the little things I'm sorry That's not what I meant Exactly what Maybe if a thousand people are sending in text yeah you can't get to all of them but we read them We hear them We appreciate them And thank you elephant.

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