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Here in central Florida will tell you that's going to stick around for your weekend but right now we want to go out to one of the hottest places in the U. S. right now that is Rachel Nevada yes Rachel Nevada home of the storm area fifty one event some people are calling it alien fast and that's where Alex stone is right now and so Alex you don't have to look this up and you know kind of pinpoint this on a map before we did all this and so I'm looking at something right now this is the twenty ten census out has Rachel with a population of fifty four so needless to say there's a lot more people here than usual. well yeah this is a tiny town in the middle of no where about three hours outside of Las Vegas the closest gas station is about forty five miles away and we're only getting cell service right now because there's a power that's been brought in but local authorities are so worried about this event they've got an incident command post set up about ten miles outside of town are locals don't want this to go on the only one who does use Kanye west the owner of the little alien the only business here and Rachel we've been organizing this thing there's a weird dynamic going on out the locals of fifty five people who live here they're angry they don't want anybody here and then you've got these people showing up from my bed for real annoyed from Colorado California each day I'm told there are folks from Lansing from Chile here as well we want to be here they want to celebrate aliens in the middle of the desert as close as you can get the area fifty one which is still about twenty miles away but this is about as close as you can get in we know we're pretty close because fighter jets have been going over and we got a couple of sonic boom so we're almost there and both here say they're ready to celebrate alien you say you just gotta love it everybody all like this you said this all started from a Facebook of and the the original plan or not as involved as much but never the less you know this thing became so much bigger this event and you know really this is a three day event so we've got all sorts of festivities going on are they expecting more people to come out for day two and three. well they are today even though technically it started today there are many people here right now maybe a hundred to two hundred people who are camping they've got their Arby's they tell me they're not planning on storming anything and I don't think they could if they wanted to know why do you not to be mean but we're talking about folks it may not be in the best shape of their life and other data ground holding appear mainly chatting this is about a party in the desk they're not gonna do anything unless there is some folks outside of this group who come in later about my case a local authorities are taking any chances with analyzed this seems like this is a poor man's burning man celebration of everyone's got their jeeps in there are bees in there in the desert and just hang it out it's dusty they've got their their some stages it they're setting up right now that they're looking at this being a couple day festival out the desert no food out here you got to bring it in from wherever you come in from if you order bodies here and there so it's got every man for himself but the folks out here say they're ready for they just wanna have fun it's funny you mention that I was gonna say I kinda got the burning man vibe from it it's could be really interesting be safe out there Alex have fun ABC's Alex stone joining us tonight from Rachel Nevada you gotta love it and you got to respect to the job that Alex did someone the people out there shorts that way you know when the when the raid begins the military's underestimate us you know how it goes six forty three on Orlando's.

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