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Tie about what the left does do what he does cut number twenty Donald Trump well the I've been wasting American with files hoaxes we've been killing terrorists creating jobs raising wages thank you religion and we two hundred and twenty five thousand brand new beautiful jobs last month way way way above what a great genius is back there thought it would be two hundred twenty five thousand thank you we right now have more people working in our country than at any time in the history of our yeah I was on al Sharpton show on last Sunday I'm doing meet the press the Sunday last Sunday did I'll show that I pointed out that now ask me as a prelude to the African American but I said well you know lows that black unemployment history although that's not true that's not true and I looked up at C. N. B. C. number it is true now maybe in the era when we can keep statistics during World War two it might have been about I mean as long as I've been alive we never had this for the entire country an African American unemployment unemployment is higher than angle I'd implement that's true point being everyone doing better in the trump economy everybody is no one will tell you a little bit about the rundown you may have noticed if you're a three hour day listener but I replied my first segment from the first hour in the second hour today two reasons one my voice a little shot called R. L. P. I'm taking a mad to take care of that so don't worry about me it's fine and it'll be back by Monday but this preserving a little bit more important I wanted the second hour to hear what the run down is that people go to work at different times in the day people leave at different times of the day and if you leave at six AM in the east or you listen to the podcast from the beginning you hear the rundown well the run down and somebody came up with people got a bad they don't know what happened overnight hi Jim all the most important stories it's just the news you need the announcers you want in one ten minute segment.

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