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This is what I wanted. To ask I'm LaRussa. Was engaged Michael, Clarke Duncan the famous actor who was tragically passed away a few years ago, and. Look Toyota I think morosi was threatening to sue because La Toya accused of killing her fiance is. That through she didn't. Exactly that she says that I wouldn't be surprised if without he died from a heart attack that you wouldn't get you gave it. To him so you know that accuse him of dying because, her hand I don't. Think so she, then, said well maybe she pulled the plug pulled the string. On him these are not. Defamatory statements these are the cat fights that we see on that Brian Now what that you gave the guy a heart attack You're. An evil woman no you can't sue somebody. For that she, was supposedly supposed? To? Sue the, Toyota and I said. Where's the lawsuit twenty she says I never, see one so we don't think that there, was one but here's the point about what's happened All of this comes because, of the Steph curry and LeBron James Shoutouts against Donald Trump Steph. Curry during the week had a statement where he tweeted that frustration the rhetoric is all based on some kind of long standing racism for Donald Trump in terms of. Black, men and the power of their voice is what curry said unfortunately there's been revealed more as the days go on and he's referring to Trump's rant about LeBron James as being interviewed by the dumbest man on television who is the the. CNN commentators and he's very upset that Don lemon interviewed LeBron, James so. The president attacks really the king when he attacks king LeBron James and the next thing we know arm Orosa is capitalizing on. The. Trump apparent racism and says that there's an n word tape okay has Anyone ever heard the n. word tape no one's ever heard Tom morose Arnold says he has it instead he heard excuse me. Then it's about time that somebody expose it I mean supposedly, if you. Will remember the famous PP tape you remember the PP tape where that came from was mean the Trump and Russia the peop-. That. Tape Donald Trump urinating all in a hotel room that this guy named Steele who was an m. i.. Six, agent. From, England says that. The Russians how famous PP. Tape and they're holding it. Over Trump's head and they're blackmailing him with. It that turned out to be a total. Pile of garbage now they're supposed to. Be, an n. word tape and no one has ever seen the n. word. Tape Amoroso, says on CNN the other night oh yeah yeah I heard it then she backtracks as well I didn't hear it exactly somebody told me they heard it. And Dave I don't. Think it exists interesting.

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