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Commemorate this event Budweiser Senate Clydesdales Dell's to ceremoniously bid goodbye to the remaining three point two percent beer there's a big parade down main street there they are under the new law Utah residents will be able to enjoy the same budweiser is a recipe that everybody else gets in the US and do you guys want to take a guess at the only state left in the United States to cap alcohol concentration at three point to and I had no idea that specifically for gas stations and supermarkets and I would think that this state enjoys their beer I again this is my southwest rural like I was we're on jet sweet ex yesterday and it was so easy 'cause the airport lax security fucking Uber bosses people sitting waiting in line for Uber's and stuff AH WE LA flight is just self imposed hassle like all we do in L. A. WE L. as we do with self-imposed hassle like hey honest taxpayer who is not affiliated with Isis we're GonNa Hassle your ass till you're so fucking aggravated aggravated that it's literally if you WanNa go to Vegas or Phoenix or Salt Lake City and leave lax and come back to La Act the airport report part is the much longer cumbersome part than the actual flying okay okay that's bad that's bad that's a bad thing thank you do jets we'd act and it's like a pull right in you walk right in the Netherlands stream and as we're like flying back I'm like look when jets we'd X. Moves you know start Servicing Denver or start servicing Utah Mike Mike Down I think Dalen Kaelin Kaelin we can hear you so yeah it's weird thing that that happens but anyway I said as we're landing one hour like all in on both sides security whatever easy I said look when they when they start doing Denver Servicing Denver over Utah. I'm just GONNA fucking move because it's so it's easy now it's it's it's it's the airport eliminate fucking lax and you do you walk through and you get rid of that part then it's just we talked about getting getting work done on the plane you gotta you gotTa seventy minute flight or whatever it is now that the world is opened opened up now that this country is opened up is South West is flying everywhere all the time we must now do a standard alcohol thing age of consent only all the all the super and I'd like to mix it to thirteen I will holiday superstrong beer thirteen at yeah let's call it thirteen one number one standard remember easier to remember so so say is these things used to have to take a fucking axe with a heart on it to get to order seven weeks and four four family members with dot it's too much travel is too easy now must be universal what I'm saying we're all connected takes fucking village when I flew back from Utah and you again like you go or you're in Utah or you're in New York or you're wherever you are you go to New York it's like a pull over at the Guy I want to get a bottle I know you have to go to wine store all right well then go to the whole foods I wanna get a bottle of wine you can't buy a bottle you buy beer at the whole foods in Manhattan you're in Manhattan you're in anything the whole foods in Manhattan and you can't buy bottle of Chardonnay Dum okay and also also not only dumb but to the guy who likes to have a little wine for he goes to bed and whole foods is open till ten and the wine store closed at eight or whenever I just just walk in and the whole food it's like where's The y you do not get your medicine it is not here we just need to open everything up and just sort of standard is it you know you do you go to Utah you go into the bar on Sunday I'll have a bloody mary like we don't tell you know it's like it's it's it's too much yeah in this sort of thing where you're going from four point zero to five point zero just let all the rules around just standardize is everything can we can we agree that these things were fine when people couldn't move around for days because they're under the state right now it's it's two facets too easy and there's too much of it going on you're going back and forth and you need to be coached up on what's going on I mean I I we went in one day we want to the October Sneeze Chalet where you want that big boot of Stein of peer but not four four point Oh yeah and then later on us at a sports bar the other place where you'd like a nice frosty from the tap now but if I would have stayed in other Dane Afghan if they don't want to get up a point that's knock it off yeah okay well there's one st left in the nation that caps at three point two for beer sold in gas stations supermarkets any guesses or would you like reveal Wisconsin Minnesota those people are hard drinkers will say this too about Utah for everybody or at least Salt Lake City for every Mormon there is out there they're five freaks with tattoos all over unlikely to balance the other side goes the other direction hard they you get you can tell who's Mormon and not Mormon you don't have to talk to anybody you just look at that chicks got the barbell gone through her nose and that's completely sleep latter day saint no we saw the guy who had the tattoo which just black arm like a solid sleeve to solid black no no I'm telling you leave if people pull that have rejected the religion I've gone hard the other way the sending a message there there is there is religious folks and freaks there's not a lot of sorta what we'd call in between got pushed into that I'm not know that Oh yeah yeah why not Sunday well here's a couple of celebrity break up stories Rosie O'Donnell may not be spending the holidays with her fiance this year she reportedly split from Elizabeth Rooney after two years of dating that's according radar a source says she hasn't mentioned Rooney in a while further proof a glance at the police officer her fiancee's instagram shows all photos of Rosie have been deleted all mentions of their engagement have been deleted Donna was married to Kelly Carpenter from two thousand forty two thousand seven and Michelle Rounds from twenty twelve to two thousand sixteen and matching she's being married to Rosie O'Donnell how diff- how what about going to egg cells probably half the time I I mean just imagine the crazy highs and the lows the rage and all the stuff she would internalize that was the nothing there's a nothingburger like that just seems like a full-time fulltime John It's good it's good but when it's bad run yeah well also I ns earing leaving his wife of nine in years now they're the reason I bring this up because their announcements about this very different His announcement on Instagram said it is with a heavy heart that I tell you Aaron and tire splitting up with our hectic work schedules we could not be busier and over the last years we've grown apart errands this after nine and and a half years of marriage I and asked for divorce having asked Multiple Times I knew it was time to give up knowing that I'm not the person to make him happy makes the situation more peaceful ugly split there's no is there such a thing as we're both we both work too much we can't be together I tell it's pretty typical yeah no that's what they say oh typical reason soup or like if she was like Mark Eras in and just like bringing home sacks of money I'd be like you got to be in New York on Wednesday I'll be here when you when you come back like I could handle that like who is it ever really the reason like like when authentic chick says whereas really focusing on my studies right now I don't have time to date would that be the answer of George Clooney wanted a date I'm saying like are any any couples like by if you're both really busy in both really doing your career thing then you really successful and I get the part where you know somebody goes even goes on goes Atlanta to shoot a movie for three months and like never comes back that can be tough but I'm just talking about servicemen sorta go to staying in town you know people go out on oil every every movie I've ever seen guy goes out to an oil rig out on a platform that form in the ocean his wife loves this shit out if I can't wait for that night count the day always happy drives him to the the the port another cliche which I think is actually absolutely true because it happens so often and you don't hear about it but like when someone starts off at a certain level of success and fame and gets married and then rockets up you know what I'm saying that I'm just saying shark truck NATO one was six years ago for three years and not that that is cheap pinnacle Brian is far more successful today than he was nine you you know what I mean nine years old nine years ago I remember clearly 'cause you know I I watch Beverly Hills Nine O. Two one oh or whatever it was I watch this show is always bad shows and I watch shows I've watched melrose displace watch all that stuff and so those guys were super successful when I was swing your hammer for fourteen bucks an hour so they always look that way and so I remember once I was when I was doing my sitcom this right about the time Brian got his tumor was diagnosed knows I was working at a with an acting coach at a place in Hollywood that go there once a week workout that stuff the studio the weather then the network just paid for it you know go talk to this lady and I said Okay and then one time I went in and the acting coach coach said we work shopped your scrap and we got the script we got some actors and and we put it up on his feet and we kinda workshop shop it or something and I said Oh that's cool and then I said I don't know I think she volunteered it I don't think I asked you said I played you and I remember growing what she playing me for should be playing here what's happened during that he's my script pre shark NATO days yeah I don't WanNa live in a world where Dennis prager knows who I am yes that's the way feel like he shouldn't have heard of me I don't WanNa live in that world and I don't WanNa live in World War I'm hearing is playing me a Sitcom pilot who doesn't get to play Meena Sitcom pies practice version yeah I remember thinking boy you bought them then on the happy note I think my mom has found a new celebrity to door will be I in Zurich ten years ago because because he's bottomed out right because he's playing me out versus Jon Stewart who's really good on Oprah makes sense Ah yes it's all you need to know about my mom everybody look even the celebrity rumor train going remember what we talked about Ben Affleck getting a pretty wasted waist didn't winning fifteen hundred dollars at the commerce casino brings out this is something that you should check in with him about apparently that story wasn't totally true a little bit different contrary to those report well he didn't win muchly in touch weekly says he actually lost sixty dethatch dollars in forty minutes according to an onlooker onlooker said everyone was just staring at him they couldn't believe it he refused to fold so so many people were just taking his money one thing that isn't in dispute was he was drunk another source says Ben was so obviously drunk his hair was messed up he was having trouble walking and talking eyes eyes were half closed I tried to talk to him at one point but he was incoherent and then Ben says this happens it's a slip I'm not GonNa let it derail me the park grand forty minutes you know you're not allowed to operate a motor vehicle when you're drunk should be allowed to gamble heavily boost you can't sign a contract if you're impaired I mean this this idea that you go to vegas and they bring drinks to the table and the only thing that's free is those drinks when you're sitting at that table in a way you're basically Rasouli because look your they say like your impair your decision making is impaired and I don't think a sober ban in doubles down on those hand volts US hands like a schober version of him knows how to play but you're impaired and thus the sixty grand I'm guessing they were bringing drinks to the table I've been a casinos where people have been passing out nodding off passing because they're tired and.

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