Colmey, Nixon, Bill Clinton discussed on No Agenda - 934: 'Weaponized Tech!'


I have my complaints about of former director colmey but it was done and then it was reignited and it became the major reason toward the end based on the best analysis that i can find that i lost ground it ended up losing so obviously turn the clock back so it sounds like she wants to blame colmey but she will blame something completely different but she got off to a little bit of a rocky start as she made a huge gaffe i have been watching this and then you know obviously that target for a number of years and what is hard for people to really accept although now after the election there's greater understanding is that there are forces in our country put to one side who have been fighting rear guard actions for as long as i've been alive because my life coincided with the civil rights movement with the women's rights movement with antiwar protesting with the impeachment or not the driving out of office because he was about to be impeached president let's be specific yeah that's very specific as if people don't understand what i was saying because your husband actually was impeached drugs to turn back as as we know that she makes us mistake continuously saying that nixon was impeached and now like the impeachment and i think you could read that is bill clinton's impeachment and kashusha jumps into saver jumps into save dis work cara now our mission here is that all clip which she goes on and on about the vast right wing he i don't think i have that anymore penalty we have.

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